Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Barclay steepled his fingers in front of his face and continued =/\=All we have for you is that someone left this planet in a small cloaked vessel and when your team came down to the planet they slipped into the cargo bay. The only reason we know that… =/\= Barclay squirmed uncomfortably at this point, =/\= is because we have a tracking beacon on it because it just so happens that it’s our ship that they took. If you’d allow me on board I could probably glean more from the internal sensors on our vessel as to who it was that took it, as for now all I can tell you is that you have a cloaked vessel in your shuttlebay and an unknown person roaming your ship that I am assuming looks like they are supposed to be there due to the fact that no alarm has been raised at your end =/\= Barclay’s face was a little flushed and embarrassed. =/\= I really would like to get our ship back =/\=.

She put her arms down and used her URI out of sight of the comm call with Barclay to type a quick message to Ghubari. =^=Received call from planetside. Warning of a possible Mirror agent infiltrating our crew. Be wary.=^= As a bit of an afterthought, she CCed R’han and added an ask for him to confer with the security and science officers on deck.

Luka, XO

R’han responded that would be virtually impossible we have sensors set on transporter detection. That would mean they either, beamed in with the diplomatic team, which would demonstrate incredible lack of security for a paranoid race, or they boarded by manual means

R’han executed a scan of the hull, and then a procedural scan of the docking ports. They either cut their way in which he could see or over-rode a port which he would discover

OOC: I’m not helping because in game, you took this call privately. Luke

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Luka nodded quietly. =^=I will get back to you on that. Please hold=^=

She closed the call, then summoned Cmdr. R’han to the briefing room.

Luka, XO

R’han came in talking, “I’m executing scans of the logical means of entry. We can start doing the math, you can’t be replaced by your duplicate if you see two of each person. So that eliminates some personnel immediately. This was always a danger. If we were alerted to the transfer across universes we could have set up a code so we can identify each other prior to coming… but everyone wants to keep their secrets.”

R’han CTO

The scan came back negative on all counts with no signs of forced entry. The only anomaly that showed was during their away team’s departure where the forcefield was disrupted for a further 1.42 seconds after their shuttle had cleared the bay.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han didn’t believe in coincidences… “I think someone squeezed through the shuttle bay force field.” He thought, “They would have to be using a cloaking or mimicking tech so not be be seen and get so close to the ship.” He thought to himself aloud. “Not much time has passed, it is possible our person has not been eliminated by his or her mirror counterpart. We could order general quarters and have everyone buddy up… ”


Luka explained the whole situation to the CTO. “The call was from an individual known as Barclay. He has said basically what you just told me. Someone in a cloaked shuttle came into our shuttle bay and got out, and is now going around our ship unattended. Tell me, do Starfleet shuttle bays have visual surveillance? Our uninvited guest may have come in cloaked, but he cannot have left that shuttle without becoming visible at some point. As far as I am aware, there is no such thing as a personal cloaking device… Barclay wishes access to our sensors in order to better tell who stole it, and the fact that they are trusting our people in the planet makes me a little more willing to trust him, but at the same time I am reticent to do so…”

Luka, XO

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