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Karina was growling under her breath. Soon as she she maintain the removal without it overrunning her, she called, =^=Medical to science lab… Need some help up here. I have an anomaly and need life saving help ASAP!=^=

She gave a quick report and had the computer link to science. No point in sending up a rock specialist when she needed a biologist… She hoped.

=^=Madison here, I’m on my way now.=^=

Her next call was to the captain. =^=Captain… I think you need to get to medical. We have a situation you need to know about.=^=

Her voice, while relatively calm, definitely had an edge to it.


=/\=I’m on my way. Koraia out,=/\= came the immediate reply.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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The doors didn’t have time to swoosh shut behind Liam before Karina’s voice echoed across the nearly vacant bay. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he ate a replicator program.” She paused and looked up with a smile. “I’d stay away from the ice cream.”

She looked back down and the bio bed scanner would show her barely keeping ahead of bio matter that continuously replicated from a single point which was and was not there. “I just can’t figure out what’s causing it or how to stop it. Help would be greatly appreciated.” While the final comment hadn’t necessarily been aimed at the scientist, the pleading in her voice made it obvious that this was more than a symbolic request for help.


A moment later, the captain stepped in, her eyes sweeping the room and her mind assessing the mood. “Report,” she said simply.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Liam went right to work. His hands snatched a pair of gloves nearby and snapped them on, a precautionary action. As he drew near, his voice replied to the comment shot earlier.

“Noted. I’m taking a sample to compare it to our replicator food. If there are any notable differences, it should show.” Liam said this just after the Captain entered the room.

His figure took a small sample of the foreign matter to a microscope. There he took a smear and slipped it into the computer, letting the machine scan it.

“Computer, run a scan on the molecular structure. Then compare it to a sample from a few days ago,” Liam ordered then turned to the CO.

He saved the Doctor time by relaying what he knew.

“It seems a patient is experiencing foreign material in their body, the origin unknown. The Doctor said it’s as if he ate a replicator program. Right now, I’m examining the molecules of the sample. She’s trying to keep him alive until we find a solution.”

He paused to glance at the computer, then resumed with his opinion.

“For now, it might be best to quarantine the replicator and contact Engineering. It’s better safe than sorry.”

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Ghubari received a quick text message from her XO. =^=Received call from planetside. Warning of a possible Mirror agent infiltrating our crew. Be wary.=^=

Luka, XO

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