Lounge - Mid Afternoon

Posted July 13, 2019, 12:57 a.m. by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) (Catt Bennett)

Marishka stepped out of her office in full diva mode. The lounge was empty except for her patient and loving staff. She had instructed them to serve lunch but said she would be taking over the stage and the place would basically be closed for an hour. Rachael, Ted, and Martha were working on a system that would have them delivering to people’s quarters when the overworked engineering staff was too busy to fix a replicator. Marishka liked that idea and tasked them with putting the finishing touches on it.

Stepping onto the stage, she began playing “Between the Shadows”. It was an ancient human instrumental piece but the name of the artist escaped her.

First she played the cello before switching tot he harp and finally an electric guitar.

Stepping away from the instruments she growled into the empty air.

“By the gods this is all wrong. Who the hell assembled this sound system? A tone deaf Ferengi?”

She paused realizing that there was no-one there to hear her frustration. Picking up a PaDD she began working on a program and would try singing in a few minutes. It seemed a shame to waste all the good work Julien had done fixing the problems with her throat on an inadequate sound system though.


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