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Posted by Ensign Allison Fleet (Scientist) in Side sim - A and R’s Quarters - Moving in

The bag dropped on the ground just inside the room as Allie let the strap slip from her grip. She still felt… Giddy wasn’t the word. Giddy was for preteens. She felt joyous. Her heart was pounding. She closed her eyes briefly and took in the smell of the room.

They weren’t very large to other people, but for Allie these few square meters was a mansion. She leaned down to pick up her bag again and glanced over to the side, smiling slightly at… could she really say it? Her fiance? It was almost surreal. She smiled at Rovan, then stepped in and gently tossed her bag onto the bed.

“So… I’m all moved in,” she said, glancing at the bag. “How much stuff of yours do we have to lug over from your old quarters? Also, pretty great job there, getting the room reassignment within a day of my arrival!”

She stepped over and gave Rovan a quick kiss on the cheek, then sat on the bed and started pulling out her old uniform.

Allison Fleet, Sci

“I have my ways,” Rovan grinned, “and a few less bottles of brandy.” He returned the kiss on her cheek and then sat on the bed beside her, watching her unpack. “Is that it?” he asked, “You only brought one bag even after living on Earth?” His eyebrow lifted and he looked around the very bare room. “I have a few things, but it looks like we are going to need to do some shopping.”

“In my time, it was a little more difficult to get up onto the ships than these days. Transporters were generally only for ship goods, and it wasn’t until the first ship was up and running that we really started doing people in those things. It went badly a few times. It was also a lot easier to breach the hull. I know a few people who lost a lot of valuables that way. I can replicate pajamas and clothing on the ship anyways, no reason to bring it with me.”

He watched her pull out the uniform and let her unfold it completely, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees with a slight smile, remembering it. “You brought it with you.”

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor

Allie looked at the small bag with all her stuff in it as she finished unfolding the old uniform. She draped it over her knees, quietly feeling the old material and breathing in the memories. “I had to. There’s something about this old thing that… I couldn’t leave it on Earth. Everything else I have here is easily replaced, but this… even with the risk, I couldn’t leave it.”

She pulled out a thick brown envelope and handed it to him. It was stuffed with printed photographs. “We can replicate a few frames and hang them on the walls,” she explained with a small smile.

The next item to come out was a thing wrapped in brown paper, which she deposited on the desk after unwrapping the same Christmas Mug she had been holding in a few of the video messages.

She tugged the earbuds out of the bag, along with the mp3 player they went with, and dumped that on the desk as well. Last to emerge was a pair of cute socks with mouse faces, and a light green tee with the Cavendish Tree Nurseries logo.

“Well, I’m unpacked,” she said with a small grin. “I’m hungry. Do you want to eat in, or go to one of the mess halls or the lounge?”

Allison Fleet, sci


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