Holosuite Two- A Dinner

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Mukin practically flew down the path in pursuit of the stick, his strong hind legs sending him bounding across the dirt. His wings flapped, giving him short bursts of speed and slightly more airtime.

The little alien creature pounced on the stick and shook his head slightly to show it who was boss before returning to the women, at a notably more relaxed pace - somewhat necessary given the large stick he was now carrying.

Luka tilted her head just slightly at Ghubari at the mention of her companion. That wasn’t the first time it had been mentioned. Although she was curious, Luka didn’t think it wise to press on something that might be a sad subject and a raw pain for the Captain, and she let the topic slide past without comment.

“The human equivalent to the domestic borkin in regards to behavior and place in society is apparently a small canine called the domestic dog. I have encountered them… Briefly. The dog did not react well to my presence.”

Luka, XO

Ghubari quirked a bit of a smirk. “I can imagine. Stark had an opposite reaction when I brought him to the real Tanzania several years ago. All the large predatory cats and he felt like they were calling to him. I like visiting home for that reason. There is something about being a small insignificant being amongst all the life that roams those plains and savannahs that is… special. Probably more so for me as an empath.” She glanced at Luka. “If we are ever back at Earth and you are interested, I’ve love to bring you to the real Makonde Plateau.”

She held out a hand to Mukin to see if the borkin would give up the stick or not.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“I am most certainly interested. I might not bring Mukin, though. Or keep his harness clipped onto a leash. I would rather not see him become a meal to predators,” she chuckled slightly. “Although perhaps they would be so confused by his biology that they would not see him as food.”

Mukin looked at Ghubari for a moment, then slowly put down the stick, backing up and looking at her intently.

Luka and Mukin

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