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*R’han’s ears pricked up, literally, “You have an Orvos? The weather systems need constant adjustment to keep Risa from going back to the soupy jungle it used to be. If your Orvos can help, I would be happy to host some people planetside to stabilize the situation”.

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“I wonder if having our people interacting with their doppelgangers, is a wise course of action,” Kaylee said, looking first toward this other R’han and then over at Ghubari. “As in my case, we don’t know what our mirror selves are like. I’d suggest confining interactions between us and them to as minimal as possible, Captain.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Ghubari weighed their options in her mind but she knew that no matter what they did here, nothing about any of this would be ideal. They were effectively outnumbered and lacking all the key knowledge about what made this universe tick, including the current situation. They were also stuck here until their accomplished their goal and they wouldn’t achieve that by hiding out on the ship. “Normally I would agree with you wholeheartedly, Kaylee, but I suspect that it won’t matter either way. ” She tapped her commbadge. =/\=Acknowledged, Bridge. As it turns out, the instability is apparently caused by a malfunctioning weather system. Our Chief Engineer’s help is welcome on the surface, should he wish to. And if that is the case, then Commander Stark will accompany him, along with Lieutenant Vander.=/\= At least all three could hold their own and with Konral down there, they would have a means of communication should something happen at either location. She also had left the whole thing open to Orvos. She knew he would understand the risk of being in the Mirror Universe and act accordingly.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

She sent a message to Konral suggesting everyone going to the surface be injected with a slow acting, innocuous isotope to identify crew members if necessary.

Delaney, Sec

Stark left wordlessly for the bridge to connect with the others.
Stark Nightstalker CIO

NE Brawn informed the Captain that the transporters had had to be shut down due to an increase in mass in the Heisenberg Compensators. Eddington’s ears pricked up at that pronouncement as it meant that they could not return to the planet in the way they had arrived.

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Well, damn, Ghubari thought. This was going to make things more complicated. They couldn’t just hang out here in the transporter all day, so despite her earlier decision to not show them any of the ship, she was going to have to after all. “Well then, I suppose we should head to a conference room and make ourselves comfortable for a bit.” She turned slightly. “Lieutenant Delaney,” she said with a nod, indicating she was to stick with them.

Ghubari moved into the corridors. Seven decks between here and their destination. She tapped her combadge. =/\=Koraia to Bridge. Due to the issue with the transporters, I’m taking our guests to the Conference Room.=/\= In other words, help me watch my back with these people. While they had been entirely reasonable so far, she wasn’t going to to offer trust, not in a universe she had little idea about the rules of or how her and her crew would be perceived. Meanwhile, the empath kept her sense receptive to her guests, making sure she wasn’t caught unaware.

Looking at Kaylee, Ghubari gave her CDO a sort of Help me here, look as they escorted their guests.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kaylee gave a nod to the Captain, then turned to their guests. “We do apologize for the inconvenience. Please if you will come with us.”

-Kaylee Bater

OOC: Laraan got permission from the XO to prepare the conference room for the guests. So when you get there, expect the conference table set with drinks and glasses and nibbles, and a unconspicuous Laraan putting some flowers into a vase ;-) - Julia

Isabel merely nodded dutifully to the Captain at her name. She understood what it meant. With a few taps on her PaDD, she summoned two Security NE’s to join them on the way and another few to look inconspicuous on the route to the conference room on side hallways to sensitive areas just in case. They were to stay out of sight or look like they were working on important things. Plans were easy to shift and thankfully, there weren’t any other major security concerns taking their attention at the moment.

Izzy had a great and infectious smile and she used it in an effort to keep the tone light. She gestured for the group to follow the Captain and then took up the rear, watching the guests and making sure that none strayed.

Delaney, Sec

A few minutes later Rovan entered the doors to the transporter room and glanced at the Engineering team, then stopped beside Kurok. “What we got?”

Kurok looked up from the panel he had off. “You’re not going to like it,” he said with a slightly panicked look “The compensators are designed to keep a single matter stream from breaking down… these ones are hiccuping because they’re trying to keep track of two”.

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“Two?” Rovan said and frowned. “Why are they trying to track two streams?” He moved to the Transporters console and began moving through the systems. “Lets start by running a diagnostic on the targeting scanners and make sure they are only picking up what we tell them to and find out where that other stream is coming from.”

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