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It was a minor detour but in a crisis, Ghubari didn’t like having to waste time at all. On the other hand, there were several people already in the conference room and none were armed. If she was going to show up too late, she at least wanted to be prepared.

She stopped at the armoury and grabbed a phaser rifle and then moved to poke her head into the security office to grab backup. Stark would be so proud of her! “Ensign, arm up. You’re with me,” she ordered to Va’Ser-La, clearly focused and determined.

“Aye aye, Captain.” was all Kin said in response and she went to locker and grabbed a belt and phaser rifle. On the belt was a hand-held phaser, extra power cells, a small medical kit, and two photon grenades… just in case. Charging the rifle but putting on safety, she nodded and fell in wordlessly beside the Captain.

But she didn’t get very far before the ship rocked hard. Having been in motion, and turning, her balance was off and the next thing Koraia knew her body hit something and she was on the floor. She cursed,. Colourfully.

Sitting up carefully, she touched the part of her head that hurt and noted the blood on her fingers. Great. But head wounds always bled a lot in comparison to the actual injury. Her vision was fine and for the moment the crisis was the priority. “Ensign, you alright?” she called out as she reached for her weapon.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kin stood up and put a hand on the bulkhead to steady herself. “Yes. Ma’am.” and she looked at the Captain. “Hang on a second, Captain.” and she moved towards her as she pulled the medkit from her belt. “Won’t be much good if you get blood in your eyes.” and she pulled up the autosuture and placed it on the cut, allowing the laser to close the wound. “Where are we headed, Ma’am?”

Va’Ser-la, Security

Ghubari was tempted to brush off the security officer, but she knew it was pointless and the ensign was right.

=^=XO to Captain and to Bridge. Mirror Baxter seems to be a mercenary or assassin of sorts. She has absconded with one of the Mirror individuals…=^= here she looked to her Kaylee for the name of the kidnapped woman she hadn’t met. =^=A woman named Iliana Ghemor, and our Isabel Delaney. They seem to have transported out. What is your status?=^=

Luka, XO

The captain winced but it wasn’t from the pain. “There,” she said to Kin softly before answering the comm.

=/\=Koraia here. I’m down in security. I was grabbing backup to help deal with the situation but clearly my timing was terrible,=/\= Koraia said with clear irritation. =/\=I’m just getting patched up and we’ll be up in a minute. For the time being I want to keep the intruder alert until we’ve established for sure that they are no longer on the ship. And I want science scouring over ever bit of sensor data we can get, both inside and outside the ship. Find them, now. Is it still safe to keep our remaining guests in the conference room?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Hearing that there was an abduction, Kin scowled. When the Captain finished, Kin said “Ma’am. If they transported out, we should be able to track the signal. All transporter signals in and out are logged, standard security protocol. We identify the signal, Science can track it.”

Va’Ser-la, Security JO

“Sure, but we don’t have a lot of time before that becomes difficult and I need to know what the situation is first. We have guests up there and I’d like people to not take exception to them being in danger and start using my ship as target practice,” she told Kin, trying to keep it from going over the comm.

Speaking up, she tried not to sound too impatient, but well, it was what it was. =/\=Someone report!=/\= Koraia ordered. There was a three-location open comm-call going on here and surely someone could tell her something?

=^= Lt. Commander Madison to Captain Koraia. The strange energy found in the patient is present in every transporter system. It is also showing up on the ship in small pockets where the living matter is. Dr. Niles suggested using transport inhibitor on the whole ship and I’m aiming to try that theory.=^=

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

=/\=Sounds like a plan. Keep me apprised. And while you’re at it, we had Lieutenant Delaney beamed out with our intruder. I want you to try and see if you can track down where the transporter signal originated from. Let the bridge know as soon as you find anything. Koraia out.=/\=

The madhouse of commas was doing her head in, but it was also info and that she could never have enough of right now. “Alright Ensign,” she said now that the gash was healed. Let’s go. We’ll head for the Conference Room first and check on everyone’s status.

Moving out of the office and through the deck, the captain’s senses were heightened and she was very much on the look out for anything else that unusual. She felt like she was grasping at straws right now but on the other hand something niggled in the back of her mind, but for the moment it wasn’t producing any light bulb moments so she would have to wait.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kin fell in behind and to the left of the Captain, likewise watching for any more ‘surprises’.

=^=We have an explosive decompression near shuttle bay one, where we believe the mirror operative gained access to the ship via a cloaked shuttle or excursion suit. The XO was attempting to capture the operative when the explosion occurred. I’m trying to lock down the ship, but the explosion has prevented my use of transverse force-fields and the mirror operative and her hostages appear to have vacated the ship.=^=

“They must be at point blank range, if they shuttled or EV suited on. Send out a light pulse and see if there is a dead spot from a cloaking device.” This would only work at very short ranges…


Va’Ser-la, Security

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