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Luckily for Laraan she was already sitting on the floor, so the rocking of the ship didn’t harm her, not physically anyhow.

Kaylee had been moving slowly backwards as the ship lurched, and as she was in movement, the sudden jolt caused her to lose her balance and fall to the floor, landing on her hip and side with a thud, pain searing through her leg as the impact hit her. She grimaced and braced her hands on the floor, in case they were rocked again by any aftershocks.

Thinking quickly, she tapped her comm badge. =/\= Baxter to the Bridge, scan the immediate area for any ships or shuttles, they may be cloaked! =/\=

-Kaylee Baxter

Luka had been in rapid movement when the shock of the explosion came, and the shake sent her flying into the ground in a most non-graceful manner. The officer didn’t bother to stand before sending her comm message.

=^=XO to Captain and to Bridge. Mirror Baxter seems to be a mercenary or assassin of sorts. She has absconded with one of the Mirror individuals…=^= here she looked to her Kaylee for the name of the kidnapped woman she hadn’t met. =^=A woman named Iliana Ghemor, and our Isabel Delaney. They seem to have transported out. What is your status?=^=

Luka, XO keeping lines of communication open

=/\=Koraia here. I’m down in security. I was grabbing backup to help deal with the situation but clearly my timing was terrible,=/\= Koraia said with clear irritation. =/\=I’m just getting patched up and we’ll be up in a minute. For the time being I want to keep the intruder alert until we’ve established for sure that they are no longer on the ship. And I want science scouring over ever bit of sensor data we can get, both inside and outside the ship. Find them, now. Is it still safe to keep our remaining guests in the conference room?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Eddington looked at R’han who nodded in silent assertion. Eddington then spoke to Luka, “We can help you more from our respective commands, mine on my ship and R’han on Risa, however, we’ll be fine here in the meantime.” Eddington shook his head ruefully, “Did I miss something or did it look like Ghemor was working with the other woman?”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Laraan got up and returned to her chair, giving R’han a critical look.

Kaylee managed to pick herself up from the floor. She looked around the room, her eyes settling to Eddington. “It certainly looked that way to me. Have you had any suspicions about Ghemor or noticed any strange behavior recently?”

-Kaylee Baxter

Eddington shook his head. “She’s the Emissary of the Prophets, she’s always acting strangely”.

Rhan snorted, “I never trusted her, she plays by rules none of us can fathom. The woman she’s with is a trained assassin and she has an accomplice, her mother” He shook his head to try to clear the dark spots in his eyes. ” That flash of light was a double banger, I suspect they beamed after the flash grenade went off. Where the hell did that explosion come from anyway?”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Laraan was sure Luka would take charge of finding that out and taking charge of the situation, so she concentrated on digging deeper into this wild mix of a political mess they had stumbled in. She looked at Eddington.

“She didn’t put up any fight, she even looked as if she was expecting all of this, there was no surprise in her eyes when the assassin party entered the room, as if she recognized them. We are obviously in the middle of this now and this ship and crew are in danger. I need you to tell me everything about your emissary of the prophets, including how a Cardassian could have become the emissary.” she said.

  • Laraan, CNS

“I saw a scaled wrist. Brown scales. I am uncertain of the significance of that fact, although you may know more than I?” Luka turned pointedly to R’han and Eddington. “Are you aware of any alien races with brown scales which might be expected to be in this sector of space?”

She looked briefly to Laraan. “Considering that history is much different here, it may be likely that the Cardassians are the more peaceful of people compared to the Bajorans. Am I correct in that assumption?” she glanced back to the Mirror people.

Laraan nodded. “Yes but right now we don’t have time for assumptions, we need facts.”

Once her questions were answered, she got to the nearest access point. =^=Luka to Engineering. Do you have a bead on the location of origin of the explosion?=^=

Luka, XO

Eddington took a moment to take in the barrage of questions and then started at the beginning. “The Cardassian Klingon Alliance was very violent and for a time the Bajorans were working hand in hand with them but then they had a falling out but Iliana turned against her own people in favor of helping the Bajorans and the wormhole aliens seemed to be using her to help her people survive against pretty lengthy odds. As to the brown scaled wrist you saw, from where I was standing it was Ghemor who stymied your security officers charge enabling their escape, it was her wrist you saw. As to her part in all this, I can only guess”.

“Hm, so Iliana could have many potential enemies that would like to abduct her. Still she seemed all too ready to be taken.”

The Captain’s voice sounded again, this time more irritated. =/\=Someone report!=/\= Koraia ordered. There was a three-location open comm-call going on here and surely someone could tell her something?

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO (cross-posting from Security thread)

R’han addressed the Captain, “We’ve got a planet full of delegations from across the quadrant below on Risa. I know things are hectic for you here right now but I’ve been away from my people for long enough to know that things are going to get hairy down there soon. I know it’s a big ask but some diplomatic aide and some extra security would ease the burden enough that I could put some of my resources to work on helping you get your crew member back, I have a score to settle with Miss Kaylee and her mother in crime”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Laraan gave Luka a look, it was not her place to report and take charge, that was the Commander’s job. “I would be willing to go with him.” she said to Luka.

  • Laran, CNS

Luka considered it briefly. “From what I can gather is happening… our only hope may be to take every possible avenue to fix this situation. Go. Choose a team you trust to help you. I will attempt to smooth down the situation here. Of course, we must wait until the lockdown that R’han initialized is resolved…”

Luka, XO

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