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S’Raal smiled his half smile and chuckled, “Orvos is a planner, a strategist, borderline OCD with a penchant for being in charge I’m not surprised in the slightest that you and he are creating some friction, your extemporaneous style would drive him somewhat nutty”.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow (Doctor)

Marishka laughed again.

Was that a compliment? she thought.

“Ooo. Then I’m doing something right. Did you know I had to jump in the bar to get that man’s attention?” she paused and signaled for another round of whatever everyone was drinking, “And then he had the gall to refer to me as an entertainer when asking who I was.” she said with a completely astounded look on her face.

  • Marishka

“When worlds collide,” T’Pon said with a chuckle and sly look at S’Raal, “I know all about that. Considering the different cultures, experiences and upbringing we’ve all had it’s nothing short of a miracle we can carry a conversation to it’s conclusion without a misunderstanding”.

T’Pon (Groundskeeper)

Kin nodded. “Many of my people still believe that our courtesy traditions are what set us apart, makes us… well… ‘better’ than many. Since joining Star Fleet, I have found those traditions are actually serving to isolate us more and more.”

Kin, Security

Marishka raised an eyebrow at T’Pon’s comment. It was a curious thought indeed.

“I think personal cultural traditions and what is widely accepted in mixed company can be like walking a fine line. Truthfully I find it exhausting sometimes.” she said with a sigh.

  • Marishka

T’Pon listened to the comments being made and nodded, “My father used to say, you have two ears and one mouth so that you’ll listen twice as much as you speak. It doesn’t hold for all species obviously but the intent of the saying still rings true. I find the more I discover about other cultures the more I understand my own and can adjust accordingly”.

T’Pon (Groundskeeper)

She’d have preferred to have done this when no one was around, but the situation required her and Marishka to meet sooner rather than later. And it would be good to assess how good this woman was. She was trusting her a great deal to handle this situation with all the delicacy it required and while the woman’s reputation was solid, she preferred to judge for herself.

Slipping in, the Lounge was as busy as her empathic senses had warned her before the doors opened. Weaving silently through the place, Koraia was clearly off-duty in her purple, black and white patterned wrap skirt and black tank top. A thin pair of leather shoes left no sound as she stepped gracefully through the recreational space, taking in the changes so far.

Approaching the bar, Ghubari slipped onto a stool casually, taking in everything going on around her, waiting for the right moment to say anything. Then again, as she had long learned, she couldn’t really go anywhere on this ship unnoticed. Stark had made that apparent on her first day when she had snuck aboard to try and fix her prosthetic limb that had been squeaking and he’d magically appeared, as he did for most everyone.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

When Marishka had boarded the Athena she had deliberately not sought out Koraia. There was no need with Stark’s amazing welcome. She knew that would eventually get back to the Captain but still, she was pleased when the woman sat at the bar. Now, time to be a good hostess.

She turned from mixing drinks and silently set two before the Captain. They were multi layers. Soft oranges, reds, and yellows. One had a dollop of whipped cream on ot and the other a sprig of mint. She tapped the one with whipped cream and smiled.

Ghubari’s pale amber eyes shifted from the drinks to Mariska, and held a questioning look.

“This is a Koraia Sunrise. It has no alcohol.” she said then tapped the other glass, “This is a Koraia sunset and it does.”

“Or would you prefer something else?” she asked.


The captain smiled. “You’re good,” sh said simply, as if it were something she already had expected. “Lucky for me, getting a real leg back means I no longer have to be quite so careful about drinking. I’ll try this very interesting alcoholic drink of mine, even though fancy cocktails never have been my thing.” Still, it was rather pretty.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Marishka moved the one Ghubari hadn’t chosen to the side. Both drinks consisted of several different juices. The Captain’s also contained Betazed Cherry liqueur which had a slightly warming chocolate effect.

“Well I’ll keep it simple next time. I hope you approve anyway.” she said raising the glass in a silent toast.

Ghubari mirrored the toast and took a sip. It was complex in its flavours and slightly sweet. All in all, it was rather enjoyable. “Oh, I don’t mind a surprise now and again. At least with my beverages,” she said with a tiny wink. “This is pretty nice, actually.”

“And what can I do for you today?”


The captain shrugged. “Just wanted to see how you were settling in and see what changes you had made to the place. I trust you’re not planning on moving my piano out of here, correct?” It wasn’t a secret that it had been her gift to the ship and its crew when they first got this new version of the Athena, but it had been a few years now and with all the crew changes, she wasn’t sure how many people actually knew that detail. It was, after all, just a detail.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Marishka set her drink down and smiled at the Captain.

“I’ve had some help making those changes and, to tell you the truth, your chief engineer gave me everything I wanted. But I still made a few adjustments on my own, one of which I’d love to show you. It’ll only take a few minutes.” she said summoning someone to take her place behind the bar.

  • Marishka

With a quick nod, Ghubari grabbed her drink and slipped off the barstool. “Sounds good. Tour away,” she said with a light smile, before sipping the fruity concoction. It definitely was tasty, just not quite her style. Too… frilly.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Marishka stepped from behind the bar dressed int he formal blue ch’ton and purple and black feathered stola she had worn the day the CIO had ushered her aboard the Athena. Gone were the traditional sandals replaced with heels that fit her style. The hair was still elaborate and the distinctive opal rested on the chain at her throat.

She walked Ghubari to a specific marble table near the bar but out of the main foot traffic area.

“If you’ll take a seat Captain, I can show you everything I need to right here.”

  • Marishka

Oh, she was good. But then again, Ghubari wouldn’t have allowed her onto her ship and into her plans if she hadn’t been. Slipping into the seat at the conveniently private table, Ghubari’s eyes lit up slightly. “Sounds good,” she said casually, sipping her drink again.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Marishka adjusted her clothing and slipped into the seat across from Ghubari. Smiling, she set her drink down and tapped a bit of the gold pattern in the center of the white marble table. Silently, curtains of peacock feathers descended around them. She glanced across at the Captain and tapped a rapid pattern into the table with her long curved nails. A small bell rang and all was quiet within.

“Almost done.”

Unfastening one of the bangles on her left wrist, she laid it across the gold pattern. A small white gem in the center of the bangle flashed red. Picking it back up, she sat back and smiled again.

“Hello Captain. This area is secure. I’d like to apologize for not making a proper introduction to you when I got here. It just didn’t seem like it would fit the plan with the way things went when I came aboard, you know? But I am here for anything you need.”

  • Marishka

Ireland boasted some of the best whiskey one could ever have and her family had long been in the business of making that very thing. On her previous ship, Izzy had only ever had the opportunity to drink with the Captain when her shipment of whiskey had come from her mother with the year’s bottles. Here though, she hoped she could share on a different level. There was an actual Lounge manager and this was a significantly bigger ship. With this in mind, she entered the lounge even though the night was late. Her shift had been a long one that day and the unexpected surprise of her mother’s latest shipment was and wonderful one.

Izzy, dressed in a form fitting, bulky cable knit sweater with a wide neck that hung off one shoulder and leggings tucked into hardy black suede boots, walked in with a case in her hands. Her hair was in its naturally curly state, but down unlike her time on shift. She looked perfectly at ease, even though she was not. There was a sense of nervousness when one is putting oneself out there.

She walked to the bar and decided to wait on Marishka to give her the crate. Izzy placed it on the bar and sat down on a stool.

Delaney, Sec

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