Counsellor's Office - Dayner checks in with the Counsellor

Posted Aug. 16, 2019, 12:03 p.m. by Ensign Dayner Ruuk (Scientist) (Steve Alliss)

Posted by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) in Counsellor’s Office - Dayner checks in with the Counsellor

Posted by Ensign Dayner Ruuk (Scientist) in Counsellor’s Office - Dayner checks in with the Counsellor
Dayner’s next port of call would be the Counsellor’s Office.

For the most part Dayner always enjoyed speaking to Counsellors, he enjoyed the fascinating and profound nature of the conversations they had. He also had the utmost respect for their profession. Being very personable is a skill that not all have, also being able to understand and work with the complex and often messy nature of the thoughts and feelings of some Humanoid species much be taxing, yet alone doing so for Alien species too.

The Athena was much larger than any vessel Dayner had been aboard before, so he was still quite unsure when walking through the complex maze of hallways and corridors.
Eventually he found himself outside of the Counsellors office. He pushed his hair back and tugged down at the base of his Uniform tunic before ringing the door chime and taking a step back from the door, awaiting a response.

Ensign Dayner Ruuk - Scientist

The door swished back revealing the view to a large circular room with four adjoining doors in different colours, a few comfy chairs in the waiting area, two of them were occupied and a reception desk with a ravishingly beautiful blonde Risan woman behind it.

Cherry beamed a perfect smile at Dayner. “Hello there Ensign… Ruuk? I’m Cherry, welcome to the Athena family. Please come on through and take the red door, your session is with Laraan, the head counselor.” she said in a voice that sounded like windchimes.

  • Cherry Blossom, Counseling department

“Certainly, thank you.” Dayner said as he nodded his head in appreciation. He walked through the lobby toward the red door. He opened it and poked his head though.
“Excuse me” He spoke in a calm and polite way “I’m here to see Laraan, the Head Counsellor?”

Ensign Dayner Ruuk - Scientist

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