CSO's Office - Ensign Ruuk reports to his DH

Posted Aug. 18, 2019, 12:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Ensign Dayner Ruuk (Scientist) in CSO’s Office - Ensign Ruuk reports to his DH
Dayner’s final stop would be to check in with his Department Head. This was the check-in that he was most looking forward to. He was eager to meet some of the people he would be work with and very keen to see the environment and equipment he would be working in.

As he walked his way through the never ending maze of the Ship’s Corridors he was deep in thought. He was thinking about the time ahead of him, what he’ll be doing and most importantly thinking of how he can show that he is going to a valuable addition to the Science Department and the Ship’s Crew.

Soon enough Dayner would find himself on Deck 13, standing in front of the CSO’s Office Door. A small feeling of nervous excitement stirred within him, after all first impressions matter. With that thought in mind, he tugged the bottom of his Uniform Tunic down and smartened himself up before pressing the door chime and waiting.

Ensign Dayner Ruuk - Scientist

Liam looked at his clock. He tried to recount the last time he had injected himself, but it slipped his mind. The parasite wiggled in discomfort causing him to open a drawer. His hand retrieved an injector with the proper dosage and he held it to his neck. Before he could press the button, his ears caught the chiming sound.

“Come in,” Liam said.

He pressed the button and waited for the radiation to pour into his system. Ruuk would catch sight of him pulling it away and returning it into the drawer, shutting it close. Liam’s hands intertwined as he placed his elbows onto the desk and studied the young officer. Acting as nothing unusual had happened.

“Have a seat,” he indicated to the chair in front of him.

When Ruuk sat, Liam pulled out a PADD. It held all the information over the young Ensign, but he didn’t look at it. Instead, his eyes were on Ruuk.

“Any prior experience in the science field?”

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

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