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The sight of corpses was for most a demoralizing vision but for Benjamin, it was like putting more fuel on the fire. Despite the compassion necessary for his job he was indeed a surgeon and thus naturally competitive and what better way to prove oneself than beating death. Treating burn victims with dermaline gel and dermal regenerators, medicating radiation poisoning and giving others pain medication. Working fast to stabilize his patients then moving on to the next, making sure that they didn’t die but not wasting any time.

The worst thing was the stench of burning flesh, for most people it was just a constant that could be ignored but Benjamin’s extraordinary nose meant that he could smell each person, his mind categorized each scent to a person and his eidetic memory gave that person a name and entire medical history. He paused for a moment and took his pendant around his neck, opened the vial placing it close to his face and inhaling deeply. A moment later the faces faded away, the smell faded, and everything went to normal.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Karina smiled at Ceres and stepped into his line of vision. Once he looked up, she nodded. “It’s ok. Your snack decided you weren’t full yet. We’ve taken care of it but we need to finish up. Can you manage for a bit with the nurse?” She glanced back. And saw Grey tucking something back into his shirt before resuming his work. He would need a break after this. She made a mental note to see to it he did.


Ceres was about to reply when someone staggered into sickbay in a junior engineering uniform. He was clutching his head and screaming incoherently. Ceres started to try and get up but couldn’t. “That’s my friend from transporter room one” he stammered, “Niles, buddy, what’s wrong?”

Niles continued to scream and then his hand dropped from his face. In one eye socket, you could clearly see two eyes…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina’s hand went automatically to Ceres’ chest to gently keep him in place. She glanced at the nurse, “Sedate him… we can’t handle him and them and more will be coming.” She was glad the man was absorbed in seeing his friend and didn’t see the hypo heading for his arm.

Once the nurse had him in her control, Karina moved to the one who had been called Niles. “Easy now… I have you…” she crooned as the Doctor led the man to a corner and gently eased him to the floor, her hand grabbing at a hypo spray on the table nearby. “I’m going to give you a pain blocker and a sedative. You need to relax.” She did as she mentioned and opened the drawer of the same cabinet, her hand rummaging around till she found some gauze. Once she had his eyes covered and wrapped, she helped him recline a bit. “I’m going to find a bed for you. We will get you right as rain in no time.”

The smile was genuine as she rose, though she was glad he couldn’t see her own eyes which didn’t have the same conviction in them. She went to look for Grey and see if he wanted this one, personally, or was up to his elbows in far worse issues.


Although there were multiple screams and shouts echoing across his Sickbay it was the booming duet of Ceres and another unnamed man that caught Ben’s attention. After finishing with his most recent patient he noticed that Dr. Niles was looking for him. He quickly moved towards her and the three-eyed man, giving him a quick once over visually before grabbing his scanner. If he was at all alarmed or phased by the eye problem that wasn’t at all obvious, he tried his best to maintain a calm and colelcted figure.

Dr.Grey - CMO

Ceres slumped down into blissful sleep. Niles did not resist but he was absolutely rigid with fear and continued to gibber uncontrollably and some words were able to be picked out. “Shaving, mirror, impossible, pain, impossible, two, impossible”. There was blood coming from the socket that while designed to hold one was now holding two eyeballs.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Benjamin cocked his head slightly out of interest “Well you don’t see that every day.” He looked at Naktal grimly “We’re going to have to remove his plural eye” He led the man to a recently emptied bed and helped raise him “Alright Doctor, how would you proceed?” He asked quite casually as he prepared for surgery.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Meanwhile, Janna was moving quietly through the medical bay, talking to patients who were either waiting for treatment or recovering. It was definitely choatic, but nothing like last time, for which she was grateful.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS


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