Koraia/Vander Quarters (Post-Sim)

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She picked up a samosa and held the triangular pastry in her fingertips as she leaned back. Taking a bite, Ghubari felt instantly transported to the restaurant of her mother’s friend. The soft potatoes and peas, the heady spices and mouth tingling heat- all seemed to calm her. It was funny to her that the spicier the food, the more relaxing she found eating it, but she guessed this had to do with the echo of how her life seemed to flow. “Do you think it’ll last?” she asked, looking over at him. “My parents, I mean. After all, it’s a cliched dream for only children who grew up with one parent, but there seemed to be quite the spark there. And… I guess i like the idea that she’s not alone, that it’s not just on me to make sure she is okay.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Well… they had something at one time… long ago. That didn’t die for a lack of love or care. Now… maybe more than ever… it’s a chance to see what really was behind their first meeting. I think in some ways life will be far better for them cause they don’t have the trappings of youth behind them, they can just… be?” Konral said as he leaned back looking up at the ceiling as they spoke. He felt a sense of calm and peace then, all they had gone through had lead to cherishing these quiet moments.

Vander, CoS

“Yeah, probably,” she said as she leaned the side of her body against his. “And I also have to admit that it’s nice to have someone else with a vested interest in her well-being keeping an eye on her. Her being on Earth, and my being out here was always hard, but until she showed up here on the Athena, I never realized just how much better our relationship could be.”

“What about you? What’s new with that family of yours? Do I get to see any my sisters-in-law anytime soon?” It wasn’t like any of his family had been at their wedding, and while she hadn’t asked, she did wonder if there wasn’t any resentment about that from them.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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