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OOC Snipped. Also to fill you in, transporters are now down here, on the planet and on Eddington’s cloaked ship. Shuttles are functional… at least the ones that weren’t in the cargo bay explosion… gosh, anybody would think that that was all planned… Ian :-)

Barclay’s trip to the Athena was made all the more expedient by the use of a piloted shuttle that was being employed to oversee damage repairs to the main shuttle bay. Escorted to the bridge by a security detail the man walked confidently onto the bridge.

He nodded briefly to R’han. “I appreciate your allowing me to come,” he said in a perfunctory fashion, “I have the device with me and can link it to your navigation systems in a few minutes if you’d allow it”. He pulled up the sleeve of his greyish jumpsuit and showed a band that was flashing a dull orange colour.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC Pardon me Luke for jumping over you a bit here to get things moving. Linds at this point you’ve got the team down the hole, the one you need to choose going with Kaylee on the diplomatic mission to Risa and then the decision as to whether the Athena follows the assassins or stays here while a shuttle goes after them. Your call there. Science and Medicine are on the current crisis and will go to defcon two very shortly. I did kind of promise a place to Marishka on the Rura Penthe side of things :-)

OOC: Noted. ~Linds

“Your comments and implication of value made your invitation unavoidable. Let’s hope your value wasn’t overstated.” He said in a clipped tone. The comments had many subtexts, none of which was actually ‘inviting.’


“Er, I see” Barclay’s brow was a little furrowed as he processed all the entendre. “Well, I am rather motivated to putting myself out of the embarrassing situation of losing a valuable prototype ship, not good for one’s career prospects that sort of thing. I’m going to take your statement as a yes, please proceed”. He hesitated a little and then unclipped the bracelet and put it on the tactical console which began to flash a message. “It’s requesting your authorisation to connect to your navigational sensors”. Barclay wrung his hands a little, “I thought it might be polite rather than just hacking in”. He smiled a little but then wrung his hands again uncertainly.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Yes, politer.. and safer.” R’han looked at the device for a moment and then at the authorization request. It seemed in order, but once you connected a device to a computer it frequently worked faster than you could monitor. R’han established a firewall from this station to the navigation system allowing no further out flow of programming.

“You may proceed.” He entered his codes surreptitiously.


Barclay was looking at R’han with slightly out of focus eyes, then he raised his two hands up and framed R’han’s face with his fingers in box fashion. “The resemblance is uncanny…” he said then caught himself and suddenly became all businesslike.

R’han accommodated him by turning his head into the frame to eye him hostilely, “I’m sure the punishment for framing my alter ego would be death.”

The bracelet was placed on the console for a second and then suddenly two little metal tubules shot out of it in very Borg-like fashion and created a connection with the console. There was a splutter of lights on the console and then the readings showed a clear signal from a ship.

Barclay looked at it with satisfaction steepling his hands and looking at R’han over the top of them, “Damned tricky to catch a ship with wormhole drive but child’s play when you have a quantum transceiver planted on board”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han actually liked that, paranoia leading you to lo-jack your own ride, “satisfying.”

It was then that Koraia made it the bridge with Va’Ser-la in tow. Her pale amber eyes swept the bridge and took in the newcomer. Weapon held at her side, she was still very much prepared t use it if necessary. “Commander, report,” she said, addressing R’han, but not moving her gaze from Barclay.

Barclay looked the Captain over with interest and unconsciously put himself out of her firing arc.

=^= Madison to Captain. I traced the residual energy from the conference room to the shuttle bay. It was initiated from there, but it disappeared into a cloaking field and vanished. It wasn’t done by the Athena’s systems. =^=

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

=/\=Stand by, Lieutenant. I suspect we may have more answers very shortly,=/\= Ghubari responded.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“We were, boarded, attacked, sabotaged and the person made an escape with a cloaked wormhole drive of Mr. Barclays… However,” He turned to the screen. “We now, courtesy of Mr. Barclay have them on sensors… and we can pursue at warp.”

“We also have the option of killing Mr. Barclay, taking his tech, and continuing this pursuit without him.” R’han suggested without emotion.


Barclay looked at R’han with mock horror and a slightly sarcastic smile. He did, however, move away from R’han a step and put himself back in the Captain’s firing arc.

Koraia managed to suppress a grin at R’han’s rather typical response. “We’ll hold off on execution for the time being,” she deadpanned. Taking them out at warp left her team on the surface stranded, but her ship had been messed with and time was of the essence. She exhaled loudly. “Helm prepare to break orbit and pursue our saboteur.”

“By your command,” Rhan responded in a mock robotic tone.

“I’m stepping over to the conference room,” Ghubari said, eyeing Barclay for a moment before glancing at Kin. She gestured with her head at Barclay. “Ensign, make sure our newest guest doesn’t do anything stupid,” she said with narrowed eyes. She was still holding her phaser rifle and had to admit that it was making her feel more at ease about the insanity fo their situation.

Then she left the bridge.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Barclay looked at R’han and mouthed the word “Barbarian” at him before looking over at the console again. “You don’t have wormhole drive so it’s going to take us quite some time to catch up even at maximum warp, best we get started don’t you think?”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

“I was a reasonable option, that I presumed the Captain would not take, or I wouldn’t have presented it in front of you.”

“Depending on the level of worm hole technology, Warp drive can be more efficient and faster. “


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