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Posted by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) in Main Sim - Eventide on The Cyrano

Posted by Lieutenant Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Eventide on The Cyrano
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As Isabel awoke there were the sounds of a heated argument going on. She was inside a small ship at warp, glowing lights lit up the forms of three women.

Isabel woke slowly, a hazy awareness that became reality. She didn’t move, but her eyes took in the scene. Her mind desperately tried to catch up. She had been lunging towards the alternate Kaylee when … nothing. Her memory was blank. Something must have happened to get her here and where here was was a mystery. It was a small ship, she guessed, and travelling in the smoothness of warp. No doubt they were far from the Athena and that meant she was in quite a bit of trouble.

“You told me there would be no casualties!” Iliana Ghemor was rubbing her forehead ridges in agitation.

Her green eyes fell on Iliana Ghemor. That exasperated statement sounded… not good. Was anyone hurt on the Athena? Or was she herself in deadly danger. She finally was able to feel the bindings around her wrist and grimaced. She would test them in a minute. First she wanted to hear more before she was discovered to be awake.

Kaylee looked at her disdainfully with dead eyes “When you hired us, you knew what you were getting and you knew how we operate. If they’d let us leave peacefully there wouldn’t be any casualties, it’s on them”.

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OOC bump for Isabel :-) PS I forgot to mention you’re tied up… Ian

Us. Us meant more people. There was no one around on the small ship, but she didn’t know its layout. Well, only time would tell. What she needed was information and maybe she could keep Ghemor talking in her frantic state. She groaned and moved to sit up. Keeping her speech slurred to feign grogginess, she asked. “So like, was this some kind of shakedown of yer buddies back there, or am I mistaken?”

Delaney, Sec

Ghemor looked at her and gritted her teeth. “There are things that simply must happen, I…”

Kaylee cut her off viciously, “Don’t moralize, it makes my teeth ache.” Turning to Isabel she continued, “The fact is the Cardie here hired us to kidnap her and take her to Rura Penthe to spark up an interplanetary incident and you were just the added bonus that had to interfere”.

Ah, so that was the game. Isabel nodded, understanding. She pursed her lips and scratched her neck, looking from Ghemor to Kaylee and back again. This is going to be fun, she thought sarcastically to herself. *Christ on a bike! Fine job I did back there, getting myself into this guff.”

The other woman moved to show that she had a blaster in her hand that was trained on Isabel’s supine form, she was blonde like Kaylee but older and she moved with the studied deadly grace of a viper. Her voice was dead. like dry grass in the wind. “It’s thanks to you that I had to blast our way out of the shuttle bay, you’ll be good for some insurance in case that pretty ship of yours catches up, but after that, you’re deader than the skin under my nails so enjoy your last moments of life Irish.”

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Isabel knew the kind of woman this Kaylee was. Dangerous. Even if the blaster had not been aimed in her direction with such a keen eye, Izzy would have known she was in hot water. Still, she was Irish as Kaylee so delicately put. She looked at Ghemor sardonically, “That one suffers from a double-dose of original sin, I’ll tell ye, but are ye alright with killin’ me for no good reason after all this is done? I thought you were the one who hired her.” She threw her thumb out towards Kaylee.

Delaney, Sec

Iliana Ghemor looked from Kaylee at the controls of the ship back to the older woman who had the drop on Isabel. She looked hesitant and out of her depth but as she took one step towards Isabel the older woman spoke up again.

“Make a move Cardie and you’ll end up tied up like your ginga friend and the price will double”

Ghemor backed up the step again and looked at Isabel helplessly.

Isabel watched the exchange and frowned at the lack of courage. It wasn’t that she expected it to go any different. There was a lot of Isabel that was a pessimist. Of course the person supposedly funding the op wasn’t actually running it. She gave Kaylee a snide and rude facial expression while her hands very carefully tested her bindings.

Kaylee spoke from the controls of the ship, “Coming up on Rura Penthe” she said quietly, “Gotta love this new wormhole drive”.

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“Why Rura Penthe?” She hadn’t meant to ask, but she was just so curious that once she did ask, she wanted to know.

Delaney, Sec

“Tell her nothing” the older woman snapped. “Bring us into the main hangar bay”.

“Shield’s still up” Kaylee answered with a furrowed brow, “I’ve sent the code but nobodies answering, strange”.

From a grating in the floor a hitherto unseen pair of eyes watched carefully, quietly, biding time…

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Orvos had taken quite the trek to get on the shuttle. Rura Penthe. a penal colony in his universe. What would this place be like in the mirror universe? he pondered.

He pushed the thought aside. Why they were here needed to be known. Nobody was answering the code on the planet? Something must have gone wrong. He took his tricorder and quickly found a way to link it to a primary computer line. He needed to get some readings from the ship’s sensors as to what was going on outside the ship. He also took the moment to attach his drone control to his temple. Primed and ready when needed.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

The ship’s sensors showed that the shields were up but that the planetary defence system was down in every respect. A noise from the cockpit above drew his attention.

Kaylee slapped herself in the head and swore softly. “I’m an idiot,” she said eyes flashing in the dim lighting. “The ship has a wormhole drive! We can jump inside the shields”.

In a matter of moments, she had set the coordinates and following a short jump to within the shields she piloted the craft to a landing in a shuttle bay within a huge science complex that judging by the lack of lights on was largely uninhabited. Kaylee and her Mother frogmarched Isabel off the ship with Iliana Ghemor meekly in tow and started heading towards a nearby hallway door.

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Orvos took a quick moment to look at the bindings on Isabel Delaney. He had some ideas before he went to work, depending on what they were.

Once he had what notes he needed mentally, he moved to a computer console and looked over schematics of the place. And even more so, he needed to determine why they were here and what the all these women were here for. Delaney was a captive, but the cardassian woman seemed reluctant to Orvos.

He searched the video records on the ship for the last few hours of work that had been done. Perhaps he would glean something from footage?

He made quick work of everything for he knew not how much time he really had.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC Orvos can keep posting here until he leaves the ship but Isabel should start posting on the Rura Penthe thread because that’s where the denizens of this vessel have gone :-)
The footage came up readily enough although much of the computer system was buried in an algorithm that Kaylee had not been able to break. Isabel was unconscious when they beamed aboard, a trick they had managed in transit engineered by Kaylee’s mother. He also saw them bringing out a canister and opening it. Clearly within it was a Bajoran Orb which according to their conversation was destined for Rura Penthe to be harnassed as an energy conduit for creating genetically enhanced super soldiers for the flailing Klingon/Cardassian Alliance.

“Super soldiers?” he whispered aloud to nobody. “Oh yeah sure, Orvos, I’ll chase them for you. The bloody hell was I thinking?” He knew full well however that he couldn’t resist a chance to ensure things ended up well for them in the end. Besides, if he hadn’t gone on this little jaunt, would Isabel Delaney have ever been found? No other ships in the vicinity meant that the Athena likely hadn’t followed.

As he was looking there was a sudden noise from behind him as a hatch opened…

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Orvos looked up and put his hand to his wrist device. In a blink of an eye, he would be protected with the press of a button. He also quickly found a place to hide. Best to let them think nobody was here. He needed them to be quiet.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

A large lupine form stepped out followed by an ebony-skinned woman, both of whom looked ++very++ familiar to Orvos. The larger form spoke in the gloom, “I smell you, friend or foe?”.

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