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Benjamin suppressed a morbid smile Technically they’re both the ‘right’ eye He thought to himself “I just need to repair some damage from the pressure. The human eye socket isn’t exactly designed for two eyes” He said returning to his earlier repair job. Now all he had to do was repair the damage and put the eye back in then bandage the area. “Karina, please finish up Mr. Ceres there. It should be a much easier now that his dessert isn’t trying to kill him”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Ceres stomach gave a gurgle and he visibly started. “Are you sure?” he said looking a little wild. Nile’s eye was coming along nicely but reports were coming in from around the ship that incidents were starting to happen in ever-increasing frequency”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ben looked at the man and smiled “Trust me, this is what I do” He said reassuringly. Of course, this was a far cry from the truth, at this point he was simply guessing. No Medical book or journal could ever prepare him for removing someone’s extra eye from the same socket. He quickly worked to finish up the eye as he was informed of the reports “Alright, prepare every medical bed with a backup inhibitor, standard triage, get them well then get them out of the way.” He called to his staff.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Karina did as Grey said and finished up on Ceres making sure all the foreign particles were removed. “I think the idea of no more sundaes is a bit extreme. But I’d certainly wait till all the replicators were cleared before ordering another.” She laughed. She had the nurse start a typical iv solution when done to assist with the dehydration from the trauma just as the crowds began.

Word had got out on the ship that Sickbay One was the place to come if you wanted to be safe. As well as a stream of patients there started to be off duty personnel turning up looking for a bolt hole to escape the increasingly wild accounts of materialisation and dematerialisation throughout the ship. Suddenly there was a commotion at the main entrance as panicked people started to push and shove. An orderly fell backwards on his rump after vainly trying to keep the interlopers out and let the patients in.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Oh for the love of” Benjamin sighed. He’d just finished cleaning the wound and was disinfecting his hands in the small glowing light over the bed “What the Hell do you think you all are doing!” He yelled at the incoming crowd. His voice carried through the Sickbay “This is a Sickbay and you are Starfleet Officers” It was moments like these that he was thankful for vocal exercises, for a moment he thought of his cousin Jack and Timor and their childhood dreams of becoming a Musical act travelling the Federation. He mentally shook his head “Allow the critically injured to pass through” He said lowering his voice slightly “We don’t have room for all of you, calm yourselves and we can fix that, does anyone know if the Holodecks are active?” He asked the crowd as he stood near the door.

Dr. Grey - CMO

There was a sudden cessation of motion at the doorway as the piercing diatribe sank into people’s heads. One person standing aside to let a wounded person through asked somewhat humbly. “I believe that the holodecks are active sir. Did you have something in mind?”

The orderly who had fallen on his rump picked himself up, straightened his tunic with a slight harrumph and started assisting people to biobeds.

Benjamin nodded and jogged back to the computer and typed in a few commands and transferred the files to a nearby PaDD.

With a slight growl, the doctor moved along the wall, the one place no one seemed to be crammed against, and made her way to the door. “You heard him. If you aren’t in critical condition, back into the hall and help others in. Or I’ll start sedating people and stacking them in the hall!” She kept her voice steady, but in trying to keep from laughing at the idea, her face looked deadly serious and a bit scary. Almost like she liked the idea.

Part of her was wishing she was back in training about self defense… she almost preferred that now. In all of the chaos, part of her mind drifted to Julien and the hope that he was ok.


There was still a lot of fear in their eyes but they obeyed… for now.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Suddenly there was a commotion at the door as a golden streak appeared out of nowhere and rather unceremoniously slammed the spectators and tourists aside but somehow miraculously taking great pains to not disrupt the injured.

S’Raal stopped just inside the doorway nostrils flaring and eyes blazing, his claws were sheathed but only barely.

T’Pon entered the room in a slightly more stately fashion but the hand on her distended belly and the pain on her face said it all. “It’s time,” she said simply as her protector and husband took her arm gently and started to lead her into sickbay.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and T’Pon

Benjamin had just returned to the group as he saw the pair. His eyes narrowed and he sighed “Karina, get her a biobed, stat” He called back before returning to the group at hand “Alright, these are the designs of an inhibitor and a signal booster, the holographic and force field systems of the holodeck might provide the necessary protection. I want the officers in charge of this group to make your way to either place. Engineering is working on a system-wide solution. Until then the Holodeck should have all of the same facilities as here” He said looking solemn, not being able to help everyone in here was bothering him no small deal “Don’t add anything to the program expect maybe a few chairs, beds or similar resting objects.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Karina had been near the door and her defensive reaction to S’Raal’s coming in like a comet was to put her hands out as if she could have stopped him. Thankfully, he did that on his own. When she realized her hands were still up, and he was a few feet from her, she dropped them with a murmured apology and swiftly followed the Doc’s orders as T’Pon came in. Her smile returned and her tender touch was supportive as she helped the expectant woman to the biobed another crewman offered up. His leg was burnt, but someone else gave up a chair for him. It seemed on overly generous outpouring of support. Though in light of the ‘father to be’‘s entry, it was probably a self preservation reaction on their parts.

“Doc will be with you in a couple minutes. What can I get you to help you relax?” Karina asked T’Pon but then glanced to S’Raal to be sure she wasn’t slighting him, either. He had always impressed her with his abilities and his sheer power. But seeing it up close and personal actually terrified her a little bit.


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