Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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R’han weighed the odds of convincing this ‘memory omega’ department and then escaping back to his own dimension. The odds were not good enough for the tech. “Too risky, in the Federation my personality and priorities are the exception making me more valuable and safer as few view the universe as I do. Here, I would be one of many… in fact there might be dozens… if not hundreds of people that I would encounter who are more practiced at being… subtle.. than I.”

Barclay sighed “A pity, they don’t deserve you”. He brightened “But if you ever change your mind…” he left it hanging.

=^=R’han to Bridge, Mr Barkley has some information about the wormhole aliens of ‘Risa’=^= He almost laughed. “Risa, if they suddenly became religious in our universe there would be a lot of disappointed college kids on spring break.”

“Spring break?” Barclay looked puzzled, then lights flashed across his eye and he smiled “Oh, I see”.

In regard to a defense to a pop up ship. “Is there a precursor to coming out of hyperspace?”


“Neutrino’s my good man,” Barclay said with a flourish. “Not a lot of warning mind, but sufficient for people of our calibre to create various nasty side effects. No shields for 0.3 seconds,” He grinned “I’ll let your imagination run wild on that one”.

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OOC I thought we were on the bridge? If not we’d better get out there :-)

“Neutrinos… always neutrinos… ” R’han remarked to himself… poor ship.


“Pesky things,” Barclay said making course adjustments under the close scrutiny of NE Barnes. “But all wormholes give a burst of them on opening and closing. Which reminds me, they’re going to see us coming. Rura Penthe is rather heavily fortified, perhaps a plan is in order?”

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The phaser-rifle wielding CO stepped back onto the bridge and Koraia gave Barclay a critical once-once as if she didn’t fully trust him. Not that expected anyone would blame her at all. “Alright. Away team is off, let’s get out of her. We’ve got a chase to narrow down,” she said simply as she moved back to stand near her command chair.

Barclay gave her a little wave and when the return was somewhat stony he flinched ever so slightly and went back to inputting codes into the navigation computer from his attached homing beacon.

She gave R’han a look that said, well? Information was pretty damn key at the moment.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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“The shuttle is difficult to scan while in transwarp. However when she pops out of transwarp there are a precursor of neutrinos.” He tapped a few keys on the tactical station. “I will begin a preemptive scan of these micro-particles, we could program the computer to auto fire in that direction. A full photon spread should neutralize the target… without needing precise coordinates.”


It was good to know that even in a different universe, some things didn’t change. Ghubari did her best to hide her amusement. “No. We need that shuttle intact. We can however program a torpedo or two to be low-yield. Do some damage, but not be destructive. “

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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