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The Mirror Universe has been broken but no one knows it yet. Imagine you’d spent your whole life looking at a broken mirror but had never seen what a real one looks like… that hazy broken visage would be all you had ever known. However there are beings in the universe not bound by such “linear” thinking. They know what’s wrong and they have chosen the crew of the Athena to fix it… to fix the Broken Mirror.

Thus begins the story as the Athena and it’s crew are steadily drawn towards the Mirror Universe and a head to head meeting with destiny, and themselves.

On Mirror Risa the Terran Rebellion, the Romulans and the Taurus Pact come together to forge an Alliance and the Emissary of the Prophets Iliana Ghemor speaks of visitors who will change the course of history.

On Mirror Rura Penthe dark experiments are taking place to create the next generation super soldiers that will turn the tide of war.

On the Athena a strange anomaly appears that will bring all the players together in an inter celestial epic….

Things continue to develop on Mirror Risa as Mirror Orvos disappears mysteriously along with a mother daughter assassination team just as the Taurus Pact arrives for the peace talks.

On Mirror Rura Penthe we discover more about the genetic experiments and the people involved.

The Athena arrives at the anomaly… it’s a wormhole… a wormhole similar in structure and appearance to the one that provides the gateway to the Temple of the Prophets…

Having had strange visitations with the Prophets of Bajor Athena’s crew have entered the wormhole and found themselves exiting into the Mirror Realm.

The Humans, Bajorans, Romulans and the Taurus Pact are poised to forge an alliance, how will this new development affect everything? There are forces at work, wheels within wheels and the crew of the Athena have unwittingly become the hub around which everything turns.

On Risa they must help forge an alliance, on Rura Penthe destiny awaits for many even though they do not yet know it, and somewhere, is the Broken Mirror, if it is not found and repaired then the Mirror Universe will crash into our own, no longer separate dimensions, and all will be destroyed…

Strange things are happening on Risa so a team had been sent to investigate why the weather regulation system is malfunctioning. On the ship, matter seems to be appearing in random places out of thin air. Answers are needed before catastrophe strikes.

Further complications have arisen because of the appearance of the Athena in the middle of a tense treaty negotiation on the planet. There is also the difficulties that occur when you look just like someone else… but are not actually that person.

To add to all the difficulties it appears that there is a mirror universe doppelgänger on board the Athena with an agenda yet to be revealed.

The away team sent to the planet to restore the weather and seismic regulations have run into trouble with the peace talk delegates who are more than a little anxious about a strange ship appearing in the middle of the tense negotiations.

An ensign in sickbay seems to have eaten not one but two chocolate sundaes and the doppelgänger sundae is exhibiting a strange energy signature that seems somehow familiar…

Mirror Kaylee Baxter managed to get aboard the Athena and was in the process of “kidnapping” Iliana Ghemor the Mirror Emissary of the Prophets when Isabel Delaney tried to intervene. A flash of light ensued and all three vanished.

Having restored the weather regulators on Mirror Risa, Stark, Orvos, Konral and Julien have started investigating the large borehole that appeared on the surface. Strangely, said borehole comes complete with a staircase leading down into the depths.

Ensign Ceres doppelgänger sundae is appearing through some sort of “transporter malfunction”. Inhibitors have probably saved his life but now the team is aware that there are patches of the same transporter energy signature all over the ship. What is going on? The Mirror is broken and the universes are merging…

At the bottom of the Borehole on Risa is a dais that used to house the Mirror Orb of the Prophets, an energy force tasked with keeping the mirror universe and ours separate. With it missing the universes are colliding with disastrous results. Also with Tholian, Gorn and Breen delegates on the planet all experiencing strange phenomena that occurred right when the Athena arrived… well, it won’t be long before there’s trouble.

On the ship transporter inhibitors have shown effective in stopping the remerging process of the universes on a local level. Perhaps it’s time to think about what could happen if part of your warp core suddenly crossed the divide…?

Mirror Kaylee Baxter and her mother have taken Isabel to Rura Penthe to meet up with the team there. There are uninvited guests on Rura Penthe and also one of their “experiments” mirror Liam Madison is lose and causing havoc. Also unbeknownst to them Orvos and Mirror Orvos switched places and now Athena’s Orvos is hidden aboard the stolen ship waiting to make his move which is timely because the missing Orb of the Prophets is now in the possession of the mad scientists of Rura Penthe.

With the help of Agent Barclay who’s aforementioned ship was the one that was stolen the Athena is racing against time to save its crew members, return the Mirror Orb to its rightful place and save two universes from certain extinction. All in a days work.

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