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He then turned back to his meal. “Well, are you going to eat or not?” he asked aloud as he snagged a bit of the El Aurian snack he had prepared secretly in the replicator systems for his own enjoyment.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark calmly intoned, “15, love to Orvos.”

Orvos simply blinked a few times, giving no rebuttal to the score so far.

Marishka secretly thought Orvos was quite funny at that moment. It was like he was preparing for a battle that may, or may not ever, materialize. She knew Stark would enjoy the show no matter what it turned into because he knew more about her. Both of them actually.

As Marishka was settling herself, one of the kitchen staff appeared with a meal for their hostess. She had ordered a stir fry of several different meats, veg, and noodles. Smiling, she thanked the server silently and picked up the chop sticks.

“Martha, bring the Commander whatever he likes.” she said turning back to the two men.

“Upper management… Hmmm. Well, after the Captain and I finally figure out what to name this place, I’ll be throwing another party. Is that what you meant by upper management my Engineer?” she asked calmly.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he said with a vague grin.

“Don’t let him bother you Commander. He’s afraid to be alone with me. I mean if we’re calling it all out, let’s just call it all out.” she said with a shrug.

This caught his attention mid-bite. Afraid? No, not at all. Fear was of this woman was beyond him. What could she do anyway? Likely more than he would have liked, but he made no note in his mind of that at present.

During the long pause that followed, she began twirling and balancing the chop sticks on her long nails.

“I’m sorry. Work, play, business, pleasure. I guess I’m just no good a balancing them.” she explained.

  • Marishka

“Well Orvos is one up on me already,” Stark said with a wicked grin “I’m afraid to be with you in public, let alone in private”. His eyes narrowed, “and just when was it when the two of you were alone…?”

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“We were never actually alone, Stark. When would that ever actually happen? Hmmm?” he quickly chimed in before Marishka gave her word.

“Earlier I had the place closed to check out the acoustics and, somehow, he skulked in like Actaeon watching Artemis bathe. That reminds me, I should put more wild game on the menu.”

  • Marishka

Stark’s eyebrow shot up so high it nearly went into orbit. He turned to Orvos with a pointed look knowing that an acerbic reply would be quick in coming.

“Wild game would be nice,” he said licking his lips, “and a place to hunt it” he added with a smile then quickly added, “No double entendre intended there”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“You have got to be kidding. I had no idea that you had played music quite so well. I was in awe of your talent, not your curves. And I hardly agree on the use of ‘skulk’.”

Orvos turned to Stark. “I somehow had not received the memo of the lounge closure, so I came by for a nip and a story. The lounge usually fills up with people with a story on their mind, whether they know it or not. So I snuck in. Didn’t want anyone in the front to see the engineering chief stride in again. She happened to be playing and the place happened to only have her and a few of her staff available. So, no. Hardly alone. And hardly so entranced that I couldn’t somehow leave.”

He then turned back to Marishka. “If you were so upset, Artemis, that Actaeon had shown up, why did you not scare him off?”

Orvos then turned to Stark with a grin. “See that. Not afraid. What could possibly happen anyway? She’s just the lounge host.” He then pulled some more food to his mouth as he watched the pair curiously.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka decided to put out Orvos’ fire right then and there. Setting down her chopsticks she caught his gaze and her fiery silver eyes turned to ice which, somehow, brought out more of her Klingon appearance.

“You’re correct of course Chief. I am merely your lounge host, not worthy of the common courtesy of having you walk through the front door where my staff would have informed you that we were temporarily closed but, probably, would have served you anyway. If I recall correctly, Artemis splashed Acteon with water. I didn’t have any water on hand and I certainly wasn’t going to waste my glass of wine. Now do you require me to close the lounge again while you do your job?” she asked calmly.

  • Marishka

Stark threw his paws in the air, “Enough. At the risk of offending both of you, the powerplay here is beyond ridiculous. I proclaim this the battle of the unstoppable force and the immovable object. Passion and Logic in a dance to the death of everything that is worth celebrating. Hate me if you will but the two of you would be a nearly unbeatable team if you could get past the needling and just see each other as the friends you’re eventually going to become. Sheesh, no one takes this much trouble to annoy each other unless there’s a solid foundation in their somewhere to build a friendship.” Stark suddenly realised he’d spoken more words together in that one outburst than he had in the 24 hour period before it. “I’ve really been spending too much time around counsellors,” he said rather lamely.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

OOC: I laughed out loud while at work reading this lol. I’m really enjoying the interplay here between these 3. :P

IC: Friends…the words struck a cord with Orvos. He kept few friends. The fewer people who cared, the less likely they were of getting hurt. He had lived a long time now on his own. His venture on the Athena was proving to be more difficult to manage in that regard. He had met Stark Nightstalker long before his arrival on the Athena. There had been something different about him than others he had met. It reminded him in a way of his first officer back on the Aurora. But the idea of friendship with the man didn’t become a reality until arriving on the Athena and managing to stay for quite some time. They’d been through a lot, and he could tell there was more in store.

But…This woman? A friend? He knew there was something different about her as well, but pinpointing it was difficult. He knew Julien trusted her, so there was a story to be had there. But Orvos had only just met Julien and went out on a limb for the man. He didn’t necessarily trust his judgement yet. But Stark he trusted. What made him trust her so?

He would bite his bait for now and lay off. But it didn’t help quell the fact that there was some attraction to her on his part. Perhaps it was indeed because of her orion nature? Or was she leading him on? He didn’t fully trust her, or himself for that matter. But he would stop for the time being, until he was sure he had more on her to help him overcome whatever her intentions were with him.

“Very well,” Orvos said hesitantly. He then lifted his glass and put his focus on the two of them. “To the future?” he asked.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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