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T’Pon entered the room in a slightly more stately fashion but the hand on her distended belly and the pain on her face said it all. “It’s time,” she said simply as her protector and husband took her arm gently and started to lead her into sickbay.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and T’Pon

Benjamin had just returned to the group as he saw the pair. His eyes narrowed and he sighed “Karina, get her a biobed, stat” He called back before returning to the group at hand “Alright, these are the designs of an inhibitor and a signal booster, the holographic and force field systems of the holodeck might provide the necessary protection. I want the officers in charge of this group to make your way to either place. Engineering is working on a system-wide solution. Until then the Holodeck should have all of the same facilities as here” He said looking solemn, not being able to help everyone in here was bothering him no small deal “Don’t add anything to the program expect maybe a few chairs, beds or similar resting objects.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

A rather shamefaced Lieutenant took the PaDD as if it was a block of gold. “Thank you, sir,” he said with a relieved look on his face. As he moved swiftly away from the entrance towards the nearest holodeck the whole throng followed him as if he was the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

Karina had been near the door and her defensive reaction to S’Raal’s coming in like a comet was to put her hands out as if she could have stopped him. Thankfully, he did that on his own. When she realized her hands were still up, and he was a few feet from her, she dropped them with a murmured apology and swiftly followed the Doc’s orders as T’Pon came in. Her smile returned and her tender touch was supportive as she helped the expectant woman to the biobed another crewman offered up. His leg was burnt, but someone else gave up a chair for him. It seemed on overly generous outpouring of support. Though in light of the ‘father to be’‘s entry, it was probably a self preservation reaction on their parts.

“Doc will be with you in a couple minutes. What can I get you to help you relax?” Karina asked T’Pon but then glanced to S’Raal to be sure she wasn’t slighting him, either. He had always impressed her with his abilities and his sheer power. But seeing it up close and personal actually terrified her a little bit.


Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

T’Pon still had her other hand on S’Raal’s arm and it was obvious now that she was supporting him rather than the other way round. “He might need a sedative before we’re done” she quipped, “as for me, apart from the pain, I’m feeling relaxed and ready to bring this young one into the world”.

S’Raal’s fur had started to settle and his ragged breath had started to even out. “Tell her the rest” he insisted tensely.

T’Pon stroked his arm fur briefly before speaking again to Katrina, “Just as the labour pains started, I suddenly started feeling very heavy, very pressured… as if the child within suddenly gained a great deal of weight”.

Unable to constrain himself anymore S’Raal blurted out, “I scanned… twins, we’re once was one baby, now there are two!”.

T’Pon and S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

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Jessica’s eyes widened as she came up behind the small group and caught S’Raal’s news. Her eyes slid immediately to her superior to see what his reaction was going to be to this… development. She reached for a nearby tricorder and held it out to Grey, imagining he’d want to do his own confirmation of this information, and the handheld device might be easier for the moment than quickly getting T’Pon onto a biobed.

Dr. Lemann

“TWINS?!” Karina gasped. “The was only one a week ago at your last checkup. How…” she had barely said the word when her eyes widened even more. “Come with me, right now,” she barked and helped move the expectant couple to the force field now growing around the original patient’s biobed in the far corner.

As they moved, she explained about the duplicity they had been experiencing in other crewmen and her concern that without the field’s protection, more ‘babies’ might be made.

She just hoped the field would protect them.


T’Pon was the calm to S’Raal’s storm and she took quiet charge of her husband. “We expected this,” she said quietly as she got onto the biobed, “You may recall on our last mission we met Meryidiyth the enigmatic woman who had the ability to become two people. What you may not be aware of is that she works for the Federation’s Temporal Investigations Division”. T’Pon paused as a spasm of pain washed across her face and then continued, “The future version of the Federation’s Temporal Investigations Division” she looked down fondly at her now strained girth, “and I rather think she’s decided it’s time for her birth”.

S’Raal continued his eyes darting here and there “We thought that it was temporal displacement that gave her, her unique abilities but now we realise that it is this time and this place that caused her to be born this way. We have to ensure her safe delivery to protect the timeline!”.

T’Pon patted him on the arm and smiled as she said: “It’s already happened S’Raal”. He went to speak in rebuttal and she just shushed him into a paralytic silence as she looked at the medical staff with almond eyes full of mystery “Shall we make history?”

T’Pon and S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

Jessica’s eyes slid over to see how Karina was taking in this information. Temporal dynamics only succeeded in making her head hurt and that was on a good day. She helped to guide the two over to the forcefield. Correct that – this whole mission had only succeeded in making her head hurt so far.

Dr. Lemann

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