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A few minutes later Rovan entered the doors to the transporter room and glanced at the Engineering team, then stopped beside Kurok. “What we got?”

Kurok looked up from the panel he had off. “You’re not going to like it,” he said with a slightly panicked look “The compensators are designed to keep a single matter stream from breaking down… these ones are hiccuping because they’re trying to keep track of two”.

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“Two?” Rovan said and frowned. “Why are they trying to track two streams?” He moved to the Transporters console and began moving through the systems. “Lets start by running a diagnostic on the targeting scanners and make sure they are only picking up what we tell them to and find out where that other stream is coming from.”

Lt j.g. Moor

The diagnostic came back relatively quickly showing that the targeting scanners were functioning correctly. The other stream showed a very distinctive energy signature, the same signature given off by an interuniverse transporter signal. One signal was being tracked in this universe and then a parallel and equal one was being tracked from their own universe. Somehow the streams had crossed in the compensators and it was starting to cause an overload. If the streams were not separated the whole system could blow at any second, not just here, but in every transporter room.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

The ship suddenly rocked to the side as an explosion happened.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Rovan gripped the console as the ship lurched to the side, but his eyes were still on the console as he tried to make sense of the diagnostic. “Two streams?” he muttered, confused. “How long has it been in the buffer for?”

Kurok looked at him in consternation, “It’s been in the buffer since we alerted the bridge. It happened precisely five seconds after our guest from Risa arrived, an unscheduled beam in began but from two locations simultaneously, the redundancies and safeties should have blocked it but the streams are somehow identical so it didn’t notice the anomaly”.

“Target the other stream,” Rovan said as he worked on the console. “Adjust the electromagnetic focusing to compensate for the other signal and shunt it into another buffer on the pad, we have more than one transporter stream.” Working further, Rovan tried to assign a temporal differential to each stream and then isolate them using individual particle locks.

Lt j.g. Moor, Engineer/Pilot

Kurok began the process but then staggered backward as the console lit up with sparks. He looked at it as the sparks died down. “I can’t do it sir, all the buffers are full and every time I try and move a stream into the rematerialization phase another one leaps in to take its place, it’s like we’re getting a continual stream of matter from somewhere. I could shut it down and purge it, but then we’d lose everything in the buffer… whatever it is”.

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“Get ready to shut it down,” Rovan said, still working on the console. “If we can’t control it we’re going to lose the transporters. We can raise shields and adjust the polarity, that might help block any incoming streams but not if they aren’t coming from somewhere our shields can have an effect. What’s in the buffers? We should be able to identify what we’ve got?”

Lt j.g. Moor, Eng/Pilot

Kurok started to make preparations for the shutdown, cursing a little under his breath at each new shower of sparks. “We’ve got identical matter streams sir but the readings say that we’ve got twins in there, identical patterns, identical people. We weren’t even expecting any transport at all, let alone a replicated pattern piggybacking on another.” Kurok looked at another screen and started to look a bit wild. “These streams sir, I might be going crazy but I swear they’re not coming from our space, they’re coming from… well from another dimension…”

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Kurok, after having received a communique from the CSO, proclaimed the man’s suggestion. “Mr. Madison believes that a transport inhibitor should keep the two dimensions from merging on the ship. It would likely fix the various issues on the ship for the time being. Though I suspect transport to and from the ship will still be impossible. The problem we have now is, how do we get a transport inhibiting field large enough to encompass the whole ship?”

-Kurok, Eng JO

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After making little progress, Liam decided to attack the problem at the source. He left the labs and turned into the corridor, moving quickly. He had little time to waste while the transporters were malfunctioning. As he turned another corner, his thoughts flipped through possible solutions. His figure walked into the transporter room then spoke.

“I need information over what you’ve discovered and any solutions you’ve tried.” Liam wasn’t sure what exactly had happened before he arrived, but he hoped someone had a short summary of it.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Kurok looked up from a fried panel. “We’ve tried everything we can think of to shut down the two matter streams coming through the system but every time we try, the energy just seems to flow out into the circuitry at double standard rates and toasts everything. Somehow we’ve got to block the matter stream from coming in sir.”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Kurok suggested setting up a transport inhibiting field, but we need a big one. How about using probes to redirect a field generated by our deflector around the ship? Either that or I can take shuttle out with a few others and use their deflectors to do the same”

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, Engineering

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