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Posted by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) in Main Sim - Sunrise on Rura Penthe

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Sunrise on Rura Penthe
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They arrived in the power room to see Rovan standing deathly still in the centre of the room. Two things struck them in unison. First was that the cubicle that used to house Liam Madison was smashed and empty, the second was the pile of ash that was at Rovan’s feet…

to be continued

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Ben and Janna backed up a pace, there was no telling what Rovan was going to do now but they knew in which direction his anger would turn, they watched in morbid fascination from the door way as the Ktarian sank to his knees reaching out to the pile of ash but too afraid to touch it.

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A scraping noise came from the door on the opposite side of the room, someone was coming…

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Alison burst into the room her eyes wild and her lungs labored.

Rovan stood slowly, disbelieving at first and then in one stride he had her in his arms. “I thought you were dead,” he said pointing at the pile of ash.

“Close,” she said he eyes looking nervously through the door she had come through.

Julien bent to look at the ash and was clearly puzzled. He checked a reading and whatever he saw on it he was obviously relieved.

Alison shuddered as she looked at the pile of ash. Her voice had a tremor as she spoke. “Madison broke out and was inches from frying my bacon when two people burst through the door. One of them tussled with Madison” She pointed at the ash, “That’s what’s left, the other one wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before, small, tattooed, bald, naked. Madison came at her and slapped his hands on her and then some kind of nimbus of force blew us all into the walls. I ran and hid, I couldn’t even bring up the courage to speak until I heard you all in here”

to be continued
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Julien headed for the door, “Stay here, I’ve got this”. He left swiftly through the door.

Rovan bristled at being ordered around but wasn’t ready to let go of Alison so he let it go. Soon they were lost in each other’s eyes and relative peace reigned.

Ben looked over the console with Janna beside him surveying the damage. They were surviving on emergency power but all the research was effectively halted for the time being. Worse still Madison was still out there somewhere capable of anything. Ben glanced a look at the pile of ash and shuddered. Janna suddenly stiffened, Ben looked around at her but she was already walking out the door in the direction Julien had gone. Ben swore quietly under his breath and slipped out after her. “Hold up” he whispered hoarsely, “it’s not safe”.

Janna looked at him and then quickly grabbed him and pulled him into the very supply closet Alison had hidden in. Ben was a little taken aback and muttered: “Janna, I love you and all but surely now is not the time…”.

“Hush,” she said seriously “Kallen just told me the Athena is here!”.

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Ben started and looked around wildly. “How does she know?”

“She’s on Risa, The Athena just popped out of nowhere and is in orbit around the planet as we speak”. Janna tapped her head “You know she only uses the quantum cerebral relay comm when it’s absolutely necessary”.

Ben bit the top of his lip “I’d almost given up hope that Omega would get them here, hell, I HAD given up hope”. He hugged Janna tightly. “We’ve got to be careful now, play it cool…”

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IC Ben and Janna went back into the lab wincing slightly as they walked in on Rovan and Alison in a tight clinch, but they were so engrossed in each other’s tonsils that they paid the two no heed. Moving back from the lab where Liam had escaped into the adjoining lab where the redheaded girl and her brothers were hooked up to the holomatrix the two started to make plans. From another corridor nearby enhanced hearing picked up every word and from an air duct above a pair of eyes watched… waiting…

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It was at this point that the planetary defence system sounded an alert that there was a vessel approaching the planet.

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All of them moved quickly to the main control centre. Julien had beaten them to it and was standing over a smoking console.

“Somebody fried the defence system controls,” he said redundantly.

Rovan pushed him aside in frustration. “Damn it, the package has arrived and now the shields are frozen out and we can’t let them in” he spat on the ground.

Alison moved to comms and then threw her hands up in helplessness. “Comms are out too”.

Rovan spun on Julien. “You were here first,” he said his eyes blazing.

Julien just looked at him, but his feet shifted slightly in preparation.

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Alison suddenly called out, “Somehow they’ve gotten inside the shields, they’re docking.”

Rovan sneered at Julien and then turned away, “Well let’s go and greet them shall we. Once that Orb is hooked up to the energy transfer matrix then we’ll be able to move to the final phase”.

Ben and Janna threw each other a surreptitious look full of dread and hurried after the others as they moved towards the shuttle bay.

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They met Kaylee and her mother hurrying down the corridor frog-marching Isabel between them. Iliana was in the rear carrying a large metal case.

Rovan grinned, “at last,” he said sighing with contentment. Then he cast eyes on Isabel. “And you’ve brought me a bonus, and a lucky one at that. We can move to phase two of testing straight away and see what happens when we merge two identical beings into one. Imagine it! Twice the density, redundant systems coexisting in time and space, twice the durability”. He looked at Iliana, “Your countrymen will welcome you back with open arms after this… Emissary”.

Izzy rolled her eyes at the man who was so giddy about her arrival. That all sounded so lovely, she thought with extreme sarcasm. She was pretty sure that if she was merged with her counterpart here, bad things would happen to her, not the least of which was death. Her gaze shifted to Iliana at his last words to her though. So, that was why.

Iliana hung her head in shame her true motivations revealed, then she looked up in anger. “Damn them, damn them all”. She put down the canister and stalked off leaving the unspoken question of whether she was damning the Prophets for alienating her from her people or damning her people for rejecting her due to her position as Emissary.

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“No, just damn yerself because ya made this choice and are leaving me here t be some mad scientist’s deadly experiment! Gabh Transna Ort Fhéin ya pretentious twat!” She shouted after the woman. It was time to start working more heavily on her bonds. She had to find a way out of them before this grinning psychopath scientist did what he wanted with her.

Delaney, Sec

Rovan stepped casually forward and slapped Isabel across the face snapping her head back with a crack and making her lip bleed. “I’m glad the other one can’t talk. Silence meat, you’re not in the presence of a grinning psychopath scientist,” he gestured to all and sundry, “you’re standing on the cusp of becoming the future”.

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She looked at the man as he stepped towards her but the slap to the face was a powerful blow that had her seeing stars and stumbling in its wake. Izzy hadn’t expected it, but now she knew… she understood what this man was and what he would do to her. It was hardly the first time she had endured pain like this and she could feel the anxiety rising in her even as she licked her bleeding lip, mixed it with a loogie and then spit it straight into his face. She had years of practice from spitting at her brothers and he was a point blank target. It had been an automatic and quick reply to his physical abuse.

Now she was realizing that he could read her surface thoughts. Regardless, the hot headed Irish woman simply shook her head and replied. “Nah. Yer just another body in the sea of bodies through time.” You’ll be a footnote… if that. Most scientists like you are.”

Delaney, Sec

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