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He smiled broadly and winked back his dark eyes twinkling, “But it is my dear, it most definitely is, and the only way I’ve managed to beat the odds is to see the bullet coming long before it arrives which is why I find your outlook to be so absolutely fascinating. For someone with your outlook to still be alive feeds the fire for the search of something of a divine protector, I take my hat off to you”. He gave a little bow and flipped his tail into a paw as he did so in a strangely ritualistic gesture, “Or at least I would if I had a hat on right now”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Jessica shook her head slightly before smirking. “A hat would be a good look for you,” she commented idly, her green eyes dancing in amusement. “A black fedora, most likely, although I could see a light gray being an interesting contrast.” Pulling her ponytail over her shoulder, she mirrored the ritualistic gesture in a way, running her hand down it slowly as she eyed Nightstalker one more time. “While I appreciate the welcoming committee, I’d like to get my evaluation completed so I can report for duty. See you around, Commander?” Her wry smirk faded into a more genuine smile as she let go of her ponytail and offered her hand out to shake.

Dr. Lemann

He took the hand in both paws and nodded. “I understand,” he said dark eyes mysterious, “Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing how the tapestry of the Athena weaves your life into the mix”. With that, he turned and left on silent paws.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

In the Counselling suite, a curved desk echoed the rounded room with six doors. Each door led to individual offices that the department used. At the desk a cheery looking woman with bright blue pixie cut hair sat at a computer gazing intently, though her eyes flicked up briefly to the newcomer and offered a nod of greeting.

~Counselling Staff

Jessica shook her head as she watched Nightstalker depart silently. What an interesting way to start the day, she mused to herself as she made her way through the doors into the counseling suite. Tossing her ponytail back over her shoulder, she approached the blue haired woman and returned the nod with a smile. She made her way to the desk. “I’m a new transfer to the Athena and I’m hoping someone is available to complete my evaluation,” she explained.

Dr. Lemann

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