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Barclay gave a little awkward chuckle, “Quite a bit actually” he said with raised eyebrows, “We’ve been thinking of actively recruiting her. Her father was a bit indiscreet with a human slave by the name of Akeela but they covered up the girl’s half-human heritage and Loqaron raised her in Napean society. However, over the years, she’s had a lot to do with an underground movement trying to free human slaves all across the galaxy. Her beau Julien is part of something even more nefarious with some very shady, very powerful people and he himself is pretty unstable after losing his brother twice, once to the Klingons and then after rescuing him, tragically losing him to madness induced from memories of torture.” He stabbed the air with a finger, “Then there’s her protector. Luka who has political connections with her race and will bite your face off as quick as look at you, by the way, I’m being literal, not figurative there”. Barclay steepled his fingers and smiled benignly, “Good people if you stay on their good side…”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ghubari was momentarily speechless before she cast her gaze over to her fist officer. “Would you look at that? Looks like we run together in both places. Feels like serendipity.”

Returning her attention to Barclay, Ghubari was thoughtful. “What about her personality? We might have an opportunity, but much depends on a few key things.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Barclay never hesitated, “We wouldn’t be considering recruiting her unless she was solid. She’s passionate about the people who share her heritage and somehow she’s connected to Iliana Ghemor. We haven’t been able to plough the depth of that but scuttlebutt has it that our Napean friend has had more than one orb experience and could well be playing out her own part in our little intergalactic drama here”.

That told her a lot but while she knew things could still go their way, Ghubari knew better than to count on any of these people. Things were just different here and assumptions could very well get them killed.

The alien officer grinned, which was a somewhat scary look with all the teeth on her jaw. “I can believe that to be true. I would like to meet my mirror version, if I have the opportunity.” She then looked to Barclay. “Literally biting a face off. That certainly sounds like my species, in a time long past.”

Luka, XO

R’han tilted his head. I think most would like and then be disappointed in their alternates. One’s worst attributes not only presented but honed by a lifetime of encouragement isn’t something enjoyed when witnessed.

Barclay’s face froze a little in somewhat of a rictus grin, “Not so long time past for your species in this neck of the woods” he said nodding sagely, “Good to know that you’re a little more… agreeable?”

The computer beeped to let them know they had arrived at Rura Penthe. Barclay immediately started pouring over the readouts.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“So we can’t fire our way in, and to be honest I’m not inclined to anyway. Scan for Lieutenant Delaney’s life signs. Let’s see if we can at least contact her first,” Koraia ordered.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Luka tilted her head slightly, trying to access some old information. “Rura Penthe. Klingon penal colony. Many arrive. Few escape. I have read of a few escapes within human history. The weaknesses exploited in those cases may be useful. Although perhaps not with the time sensitive nature of our mission,” she reflected.

Luka, XO

“Most escape attempts lead to death. They don’t even bother to try to stop them in most cases. The planet is inhospitable to the extreme, death by most species who are not protected by significant cold weather gear, can occur in minutes.”


Barclay gestured excitedly, “We’ve got a comm channel opening from my ship…”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ghubari quirked an eyebrow in surprise, but rose to her feet in a fluid, confident motion. “By all means, put them through,” she said. Having no clue what to expect, she could be prepared for anything . And keep looking for signs of Delaney.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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