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Astonishingly T’Pon was now 10cm dilated and the baby’s head was beginning to crown. Over by the door, Michail walked into sickbay and S’Raal waved him over and T’Pon managed a quick smile. The man’s face was full of wonder and he gave S’Raal a quick squeeze around the shoulder but his eyes were everywhere and he looked a little nervous. Dark Greek curls were swept back from his face as the man spoke. “Stark is going to be mad as hell that he missed this”.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow, T’Pon and Michail

Karina let the Doctor take over and helped T’Pon adjust to a better slightly inclined position. Seeing S’Raal cringe at the hand squeeze, the woman pulled a small cylinder from a nearby drawer and handed it to the nurse mother to be. She leaned down slightly and whispered with a smile. “Squeeze this. Just an empty canister. But if you break S’Raals hand, he can’t change diapers.” She brushed a stray hair from the woman’s forehead and winked at the new dad.


S’Raal started slightly at the word “diaper” and his nostrils flared a little as he nursed his sore hand. That obviously hadn’t occurred to him before this moment.

T’Pon smiled at his discomfort, “At least with that nose of yours we’ll know instantly when a change is necessary…” She was about to say more when a powerful contraction came and she started to bear down.

T’Pon, S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

Jessica discreetly stepped around the biobed to scan S’Raal’s hand with a medical tricorder, hoping that the Vulcan had caused no significant damage that they would have to treat later after the delivery. She nudged him gently and commented, with a grin, “I have some tricks to help with that that I can share later,” before she returned her focus to the impending birth.

Dr. Lemann

The hand was bruised but not broken. “S’Raal nodded his thanks at the offer, ‘I’d appreciate that,” he said with some relief, “I really don’t feel ready for this.

Michail squeezed S’Raal’s shoulder in sympathy, “Yes, it’s not every day you give birth to a superhero. No one ever really asks the question of what it must be like to be the parent in these cases”.

Benjamin looked at the pair at the mention of Diapers and smells and felt for the man, at least Ben could suppress his enhanced sense of smell. “Well now we’ve started the fun part, I can see the head coming out. Now just relax and don’t push too hard, let your body do the work” This wasn’t the first time he’d delivered a baby but it still felt the same way as it did the first time.

Dr. Grey- CMO

T’Pon was focused and breathing regularly, a strong push came and her almond eyes shot wide. “Meriydyith is feeling the pain and starting to panic. I’m worried she’ll separate…

T’Pon, S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

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