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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney (Security Officer) in Main Sim - Sunrise on Rura Penthe

Posted by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) in Main Sim - Sunrise on Rura Penthe
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Rovan grinned, “at last,” he said sighing with contentment. Then he cast eyes on Isabel. “And you’ve brought me a bonus, and a lucky one at that. We can move to phase two of testing straight away and see what happens when we merge two identical beings into one. Imagine it! Twice the density, redundant systems coexisting in time and space, twice the durability”. He looked at Iliana, “Your countrymen will welcome you back with open arms after this… Emissary”.

Izzy rolled her eyes at the man who was so giddy about her arrival. That all sounded so lovely, she thought with extreme sarcasm. She was pretty sure that if she was merged with her counterpart here, bad things would happen to her, not the least of which was death. Her gaze shifted to Iliana at his last words to her though. So, that was why.

Iliana hung her head in shame her true motivations revealed, then she looked up in anger. “Damn them, damn them all”. She put down the canister and stalked off leaving the unspoken question of whether she was damning the Prophets for alienating her from her people or damning her people for rejecting her due to her position as Emissary.

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“No, just damn yerself because ya made this choice and are leaving me here t be some mad scientist’s deadly experiment! Gabh Transna Ort Fhéin ya pretentious twat!” She shouted after the woman. It was time to start working more heavily on her bonds. She had to find a way out of them before this grinning psychopath scientist did what he wanted with her.

Delaney, Sec

Rovan stepped casually forward and slapped Isabel across the face snapping her head back with a crack and making her lip bleed. “I’m glad the other one can’t talk. Silence meat, you’re not in the presence of a grinning psychopath scientist,” he gestured to all and sundry, “you’re standing on the cusp of becoming the future”.

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She looked at the man as he stepped towards her but the slap to the face was a powerful blow that had her seeing stars and stumbling in its wake. Izzy hadn’t expected it, but now she knew… she understood what this man was and what he would do to her. It was hardly the first time she had endured pain like this and she could feel the anxiety rising in her even as she licked her bleeding lip, mixed it with a loogie and then spit it straight into his face. She had years of practice from spitting at her brothers and he was a point blank target. It had been an automatic and quick reply to his physical abuse.

Now she was realizing that he could read her surface thoughts. Regardless, the hot headed Irish woman simply shook her head and replied. “Nah. Yer just another body in the sea of bodies through time.” You’ll be a footnote… if that. Most scientists like you are.”

Delaney, Sec

Rovan bit down on his lip hard enough to draw blood, Alison took a step towards him but he waved her down as he wiped the spittle from his face slowly gaining control of his temper. He motioned to Julien to bring Isabel and they moved into the lab where Rovan looked proudly upon Isabel’s mirror counterpart alongside her mirror brothers locked in holosleep.

Isabel had hit her target and there was a look of superior pride on her face that she had succeeded in riling him up. IT didn’t matter that he eventually won control over his temper. She had made him feel every inch the fool for a moment and it had angered him enough to incite physical malice upon his own person in an effort to restrain himself. Her eyes turned to look where Rovan was looking so proudly and found herself facing… herself. This was supremely unnerving. Though she knew when they came to this reality, that she might see herself, it was another thing entirely to see herself locked away in holosleep, buzz cut hair and pale.

Janna noticed an anomalous reading on the console but chose to say nothing.

Julien whispered into Isabel’s ear. “Be ready”.

She heard Julien’s careful whisper and flexed her arm he was holding as the only sign she had heard him. Izzy let the idea of her counterpart be set aside. There were more important things to deal with. No doubt Rovan had something in mind involving her and perhaps her counterpart. The sooner she could get free, the better. Her mind was careful not to have much in the way of surface thoughts. There was no way she could know exactly what Julien meant but it seemed pretty clear that he was not speaking to her about being ready for Rovan’s mad experiment. It had been to hushed, to secret for his words to mean that. Her eyes looked everywhere, taking in the space, looking for ways to get out.

Rovan brought out the Orb in its canister and proceeded to install it into the depleted energy matrix that had up until recently drawn it’s power from Liam Madison. He chatted as he worked in an urbane and friendly fashion as if he was addressing a council of friends. “This is just one of many rooms housing subjects. Many generations of “meat” live here, all being conditioned through holosleep and the scenario’s we’re letting them live through. You, however, will be the next generation of supersoldier. Super dense, resilient, tractable thanks to our new system of receptive telepathy installed genetically into your cranial space. Perfectly able to destroy, loyal to a fault but capable of higher-level processing in the fulfilment of your purpose.” He looked up at Isabel, “and did I say cheap to produce? Take the body, mold the mind, enhance, rinse and repeat”. He laughed a little and then pressed a button opening a door on the opposite side of the lab.

While he spoke, she finished dislocating her thumb and wiggling one hand free of the ties that bound her. He was a one man show and she simply rolled her eyes when he looked at her. Then she looked around herself again, this time looking for ways to shut this crap show down. No one needed super soldiers, least of all people like Rovan.

“And here is the man of the hour, the man from the future, the man who came and made all this possible…” Rovan swept his hand to the entrance to the next lab, “I give you Pierce Hamilton the 2nd.

A middle-aged balding man appeared with a sneer all over his very upper crust looking face. He swept his bowler hat off his head and then replaced it with a flourish. His grey-green eyes held a hint of dangerous malice.

“Thank you Rovan, a nice introduction, I can see you’ve been practising as per my instructions.” He spun on his heel and addressed Kaylee. “I’m assuming the Athena is on its way happily tracking the beacon on your stolen ship”. Kaylee gave an evil smile and took a little bow. “Excellent,” the man said with a contented sigh, “then it won’t be long Rovan before we can field the largest army of reconstituted supersoldiers any universe has ever seen” he paused again and grinned from ear to ear, “and I will be able to have my revenge for what the Athena did to my “other universe” brother, God rest him”.

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Isabel listened while she searched. The idea that the Athena was coming to a trap only made her try harder to find someway to twart these men and Kaylee. Finally she turned back to Pierce. “But why? What did he matter to you? How did you even find out about him?” stall girl stall.

Delaney, Sec

The balding “British gentleman” turned to Isabel and even Rovan blanched at the look on his face, it was a look of utter hatred, devoid of compassion, full of evil. He ground his teeth and spoke through clenched lips.

“He contacted me from your universe and set me on my course. We were to be united when the process was tested and perfected on the likes of you. Then you and a stupid sentient rock snatched the dream from both of us.” Spittle sprayed out from his mouth as he continued, “We would have been unbeatable, unstoppable, we would have been a god!”.

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Her eyebrow rose and she obviously thought he was nine shades of crazy. A snorting half laugh escaped her before she could catch it. “Be careful Rovan.” She cautioned. “Rabid delusions don’t look good on you. You got a little… umm” She gestured with her chin to his own. “You might want to ummm, clean yourself up.”

She knew she was pushing his buttons. There is a certain pride the Irish get from rubbing some pompous person so wrong they lose control. She had done it to the Cardassians. She could do it here.

Delaney, Sec

Julien’s hand tightened slightly on her now unbound hands, he seemed to be listening intently to something.

Pierce Hamilton the second wiped the spittle from the corner of his mouth and turned to Rovan. The man’s hands were shaking almost uncontrollably in the grip of madness. “Put, her, in, the, machine!” Pierce screamed at Rovan who started to walk towards Isabel with a happy grin all over his face.

Julien stepped away and to one side of Isabel to give her swinging room. Everyone in the room seemed to sense the change. Janna and Ben moved closer together, Kaylee and her mother reached for their weapons and Pierce Hamilton’s face went from madness to fury…

Suddenly the lights flickered and plunged everyone into darkness… blinking from the suddenly returning light everyone realised that there was another person in the room that hadn’t been there before.

There is a certain sense of clarity that comes from perfect timing. Izzy, didn’t know what exactly was going on. She didn’t allow herself the distraction. While everyone had been disoriented by the flickering lights, the plunging darkness and now the new presence in the room, Isabel Delaney had been preparing to unleash herself.

Liam Madison stood in the doorway, eyes devoid of life but hands glowing with the intensity of the sun…

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Immediately she became a whirlwind of motion. Years of training as a Marine and Security officer and a lifetime of fighting her brothers prepared her well for handling people well over her in size and stature. She attacked Rovan, her fists a flurry upon his person before grabbing him and with a twist of the hip and the momentum of her attack, she threw him down onto the ground.

Delaney, Sec

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