Pre-Sim - Counselor's Office

Posted Nov. 19, 2019, 11:40 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Lemann (Doctor) (Sarah Hemenway)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Assistant Counsellor) in Pre-Sim - Counselor’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Lemann (Doctor) in Pre-Sim - Counselor’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Assistant Counsellor) in Pre-Sim - Counselor’s Office
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In the Counselling suite, a curved desk echoed the rounded room with six doors. Each door led to individual offices that the department used. At the desk a cheery looking woman with bright blue pixie cut hair sat at a computer gazing intently, though her eyes flicked up briefly to the newcomer and offered a nod of greeting.

~Counselling Staff

Jessica shook her head as she watched Nightstalker depart silently. What an interesting way to start the day, she mused to herself as she made her way through the doors into the counseling suite. Tossing her ponytail back over her shoulder, she approached the blue haired woman and returned the nod with a smile. She made her way to the desk. “I’m a new transfer to the Athena and I’m hoping someone is available to complete my evaluation,” she explained.

Dr. Lemann

She smiled and nodded. “Welcome to the Athena! I’m Sharee,” the assistant said.

“Name? And do you have an appointment or are you a walk-in?” Sharee asked as she focused back on her screen to see what the scheduling was like.

~Counselling Staff

Jessica’s smile was sincere as she thanked Sharee for her welcome. “Jessica Lemann. I’m a walk in,” she responded, her face turning slightly apologetic. “I can come back later if the counseling staff is busy, but I was hoping someone would have a few moments to get it out of the way so I can report for duty.” A slight inflection of excitement came into her voice as she mentioned reporting in. She looked hopefully at the receptionist.

Dr. Lemann

Sharee held up a finger as she smiled. “Just… hold on, I’m checking the schedule.” She perused the screen and then got up. “If you’ll just have a seat”-she pointed at the few chairs in the waiting area”-I’ll be right back.”

The receptionist moved over to the second door and chimed, slipping in almost immediately. A few moments she returned and gave Lemann a nod. “Dr. Kingston will be right with you.”

Jessica had barely managed to get settled into the chair when the receptionist returned. She gave her a sincere smile and replied, “thank you so much for fitting me in.”

A couple minutes later, a petite Human woman stepped out of the office, tucking her chin length blond curls behind one ear. Her vivid green eyes quickly scanned the room, spied Jessica and the woman moved over to greet her.

“Lieutenant Lemann? I’m Janna Kingston,” she said offering a hand. “Assistant head of the department.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Jessica bounded to her feet as Kingston approached her, leading with her hand to firmly shake the counselor’s. “That’s me,” she commented with a grin, her own slightly darker green eyes meeting Kingston’s. “Thank you so much for fitting me in, I really appreciate being able to check off these boxes so that I can report in for duty.”

Dr. Lemann

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