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She went back to humming softly as her hand moved to rest on the couple’s shoulders as if anchoring them all together. Her eyes occasionally drifting towards Grey to see if he was doing all right, as well.


Meriydyith came into the world silently, quietly, with trust in her eyes and when she started to cry it was not from shock and fear, it was from the knowledge that she needed to get her lungs working.

T’Pon, S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

Benjamin grabbed the child gently as she exited her mother. The next few minutes were fairly automated, He cleaned parts of the child and moved carefully to the side of the Biobed. “Normally this is where I introduce you to your baby but I have a feeling you’ve already met” He said as he gently placed Meriydyith on her mother’s chest. Taking a step back he looked quietly at his staff “Give her about an hour and then do the post-birth exams, weight, length all of that nonsense. Allow the father the cut, Niles you’ve been their primary, continue with that, Lemann you continue with the other staff and see if anyone else requires more aid” He told them quietly.

Dr. Grey - CMO

T’Pon couldn’t speak, her eyes, her whole being poured itself out in rapt attention on her daughter. Meriydyith looked up at her mother calmly, quizzically and all of eternity seemed to pass as the gaze was continued. S’Raal nodded his thanks at Ben and the team and made ready to cut the cord.

Off to one side, Michail looked on as the whole scene unfolded, he looked tense, as if an attack was imminent.

T’Pon, S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

Jessica nodded softly at Grey, gently wiping away the tears that had filled her green eyes. Watching the birth of a new being was an experience that never ceased to amaze her and fill her with emotion. As she turned to see to the rest of Sickbay, she caught sight of the tense being watching and her brow furrowed. Turning back to the CMO, she gently nudged him and indicated Michail with the briefest twitch of her head. “What’s going on with him?” she asked in a whisper, not sure as to why he was looking on to such a miraculous scene with such discontent and discomfort.

Dr. Lemann

Ben looked up at the man he neither recognized the face nor the scent, so far he’d assumed he was some family friend of the happy couple. He shrugged “Don’t know, lieutenant, perhaps he dislikes infants?” He said in a tired tone. After a moment he sighed “I’ll check up on him, you never know what’s what unless you ask” He smiled at Lemann briefly, mostly for her benefit he told himself, he didn’t feel much like smiling. Once again things had gone to hell and he didn’t have the faintest idea of what was going on. No matter.

The tall thin man moved across the room and gently touched Michails upper arm “Are ye alright, sir?” He asked in a soft tone, he’d long since learned the importance of coming off as non-threatening as a Doctor.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Michail brushed back his Greek curls in a conscious display of trying to relax. ” Meriydyith is the reason I’m on this ship, she and her parents are protected under the Temporal Prime Directive. I can’t stress enough how important this family, and the Athena as a whole, are to the future.”

T’Pon’s sharp hearing picked up the comment. “Michail, you know S’Raal and I would die to protect her”.

Michail nodded somberly and turned his head away from the family briefly as a single tear dropped from his eye before he could bring himself under control again.

OOC For those who weren’t here for our last adventure, in a possible future that Michail has been trained to protect T’Pon does exactly that.

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