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Michail brushed back his Greek curls in a conscious display of trying to relax. ” Meriydyith is the reason I’m on this ship, she and her parents are protected under the Temporal Prime Directive. I can’t stress enough how important this family, and the Athena as a whole, are to the future.”

T’Pon’s sharp hearing picked up the comment. “Michail, you know S’Raal and I would die to protect her”.

Michail nodded somberly and turned his head away from the family briefly as a single tear dropped from his eye before he could bring himself under control again.

OOC For those who weren’t here for our last adventure, in a possible future that Michail has been trained to protect T’Pon does exactly that.

Jessica made a show of busying herself with caring for the new mother and her infant, but her attention had clearly remained on Grey’s follow up with the mysterious person. She let out a slight huff as she heard the words “temporal.” The headache of temporal dynamics aside, it was certainly a large load to place on such a small being so early on in its life.

Dr. Lemann

Benjamin blinked twice as he stared at the man. He turned around and looked at the child and sighed “I don’t think I’ve ever disliked something as much as I dislike time travel” He said in a tired voice “You know when I got my transfer orders I was pleased, the Athena’s a good ship, should have listened to Jack and become a sous-chef back home” He rubbed the back of his neck and turned around “I’m going to make some food if anyone wants anything”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Jessica’s head had been nodding in agreement with Grey’s words regarding time travel, but it perked up as she overheard the indication of food. “I’d love something,” she responded, excitement coursing through her speech. She quickly glanced at the new family in front of her, not sure if Karina wanted to handle ensuring that they received some nutrition after the exhausting birth or if Grey’s offer extended to their patients as well.

Dr. Lemann

Michail sighed, “Just between you and me, I hate time travel myself. The future isn’t set, but there are people who want to remake it in their own image and that’s why I took on this job”. He looked at the happy family, “Some things are worth protecting”.

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