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So, as many of you know, I had pneumonia earlier this month. You may also recall that I had it back in Feb. This at least meant that I was able to catch it early this time and recovery has been much faster. But that’s not saying much. I always end up with a post-viral illness and complications from the antibiotics. So I ended up taking an unexpected LOA, and was sick enough that someone posted it for me.

My focus for the next couple days is to read threads and reply in main sim stuff and help move things along where needed. I will get to side threads as soon as I can, just bear with me.

If anything needs my urgent attention, please do let me know.


Rest! That is all :-) Ian

Like Ian said, rest up Linds, health first!


And now I have the flu. So… it’s taking me longer to get back on my feet. Bear with me a little longer.


Can do, will do! Rest!

puts Linds into a bubble with all she needs There, that should help. dusts off her hands

Get better Linds!

-Janice B.

One nasty flu bug and two migraines later and I’m feeling more or less functional once again. On with the story! :)


If you or anyone is sick (I can attest to being one of the anyone) don’t stress about keeping up with everything. I trust in the crew members of this ship and our lovely GM to keep us on track if anything happens.


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