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The bag dropped on the ground just inside the room as Allie let the strap slip from her grip. She still felt… Giddy wasn’t the word. Giddy was for preteens. She felt joyous. Her heart was pounding. She closed her eyes briefly and took in the smell of the room.

They weren’t very large to other people, but for Allie these few square meters was a mansion. She leaned down to pick up her bag again and glanced over to the side, smiling slightly at… could she really say it? Her fiance? It was almost surreal. She smiled at Rovan, then stepped in and gently tossed her bag onto the bed.

“So… I’m all moved in,” she said, glancing at the bag. “How much stuff of yours do we have to lug over from your old quarters? Also, pretty great job there, getting the room reassignment within a day of my arrival!”

She stepped over and gave Rovan a quick kiss on the cheek, then sat on the bed and started pulling out her old uniform.

Allison Fleet, Sci

“I have my ways,” Rovan grinned, “and a few less bottles of brandy.” He returned the kiss on her cheek and then sat on the bed beside her, watching her unpack. “Is that it?” he asked, “You only brought one bag even after living on Earth?” His eyebrow lifted and he looked around the very bare room. “I have a few things, but it looks like we are going to need to do some shopping.”

“In my time, it was a little more difficult to get up onto the ships than these days. Transporters were generally only for ship goods, and it wasn’t until the first ship was up and running that we really started doing people in those things. It went badly a few times. It was also a lot easier to breach the hull. I know a few people who lost a lot of valuables that way. I can replicate pajamas and clothing on the ship anyways, no reason to bring it with me.”

He watched her pull out the uniform and let her unfold it completely, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees with a slight smile, remembering it. “You brought it with you.”

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor

Allie looked at the small bag with all her stuff in it as she finished unfolding the old uniform. She draped it over her knees, quietly feeling the old material and breathing in the memories. “I had to. There’s something about this old thing that… I couldn’t leave it on Earth. Everything else I have here is easily replaced, but this… even with the risk, I couldn’t leave it.”

He smiled gently at her. It was a part of her life from literally the dawn of Human space exploration. Part of who she was and where she had come from. Secretly he would have been worried of she had not brought it here.

She pulled out a thick brown envelope and handed it to him. It was stuffed with printed photographs. “We can replicate a few frames and hang them on the walls,” she explained with a small smile.

Opening the envelope, he thumbed through the photographs and then looked up at her. “Just a few, huh? You think we will have any room left for a window?” He joked, then put the envelope aside carefully.

The next item to come out was a thing wrapped in brown paper, which she deposited on the desk after unwrapping the same Christmas Mug she had been holding in a few of the video messages.

She tugged the earbuds out of the bag, along with the mp3 player they went with, and dumped that on the desk as well. Last to emerge was a pair of cute socks with mouse faces, and a light green tee with the Cavendish Tree Nurseries logo.

“Well, I’m unpacked,” she said with a small grin. “I’m hungry. Do you want to eat in, or go to one of the mess halls or the lounge?”

Allison Fleet, sci

“Why don’t we eat in? That way we can relax and dream about our quarters and how we are going to set them up. How about leather for the couch? I hear Targ leather is all the rage at the moment on Kronos.” Smiling, his hand snaked around behind her and picked up the mp3 player. Turning it over, he looked at the buttons in puzzlement. “What is this thing? Some kind of communicator?”

“It’s a music device. And no leather. That’s barbaric. And unsanitary,” she added, leaning against him as he stole her device.

“But it’s fun,” he grinned, still examining the machine. Whether he was talking about leather or the device could be left open to interpretation.

Seeing a button in the centre that seemed to have a single triangle that pointed to the right, he pressed it.

Lt. j.g. Rovan Moor

A song began to play, and Allison scrambled to reach for her device and wrest it out of Rovan’s hands, giggling all the way.

“Oh no!” Rovan said, laughing and holding the device away from her and out of reach, his other hand holding her back. Or trying to, she was far more energetic than he expected and her momentum served to push him off the bed and the two of them ended up on the floor where, of course, he couldn’t keep the device out of her reach.

‘–be there, beside you, through the lonely nights that fall.
So close your eyes, remember my embrace.
I will be there like mercy, I will find you through it all.
This do I swear, I will be ther–‘

And just as suddenly it stopped as Allison victoriously tugged the device out of his hands and paused the music. She enjoyed that music, it reminded her of the rustle of leaves and the smell of grass.

“What exactly was that?” he asked looking up at her and making no effort to get up. “It sounded slightly epic? Like those old movie soundtracks we used to watch on the Genesis.”

“It’s called an mp3 player. It’s an old form of storage for audio files, and playing them back. It’s compact and has a long battery life. Nice for long days weeding,” she grimaced slightly, not realizing that she was touching her lower back, where she had been quite sore from crouching over potted trees and pulling out weeds for weeks on end. “Or long days on a runabout waiting for a rendezvous with a ship.” She put it back on the desk and went to the replicator.

“No I mean the music,” he said, and pushed himself up to a sitting position grinning.

“I’m actually kinda famished… What do you want to eat, Leftenant junior grade Rovan Moor?” She changed the subject, turning to smile jokingly at her fiance. Was that the word she was going to use? Whatever word she used, it was still almost surreal. She took in the sight of him, unable to contain the small genuine smile that crept up under the grin she wore. “Congratulations on the promotion, by the way,” she added softly, leaning against the wall.

“Fine then, keep your secrets,” he quoted from one of their favourite movies but got up and walked over to her. “Thank you love, it took a while to get there, but it’s worth it. Everything was worth it now that we are here again.”

Looking into his eyes, she could hardly believe this moment, this entire day, was real. It was hard to imagine that a couple years ago she had been in a situation with no obvious escape, assured that she would never again see another face. “You know… It just hit me again… How lucky I am to be here. To have you… How ridiculous our luck has to have been to lead us here.”

Allison Fleet, Sci

“Luck?” He said, and gave her the kind of grin that only a dashing fighter pilot could give. “It wasn’t luck, it was destiny. Powers greater than us conspired to make sure we were together.” He let his hands slip around her waist, and let his yellow eyes rest on hers for a long moment. “Whatever it was, I’m thankful for it. I thought I had lost you, especially during the last year.” He said the last part quietly, the details of that year not yet revealed and he blinked away the thoughts.

“So, what do I feel like? Something easy to eat as we sit and watch something with my Fiance?” he said it easily, smoothly, like it was something meant to be because for Rovan, it felt completely right.

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, Eng/Pilot

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Allison giggled. “Fiance…” She murmured softly, smiling to herself. She looked at Rovan. “How about some Strawberry shortcake and ambrosia pudding?” She suggested with a smile. “And I can find a recording of my musical and we can watch that? So you understand the music on my mp3.”


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IC: “Lets switch that ambrosia to passionfruit cheesecake,” he grinned, “I tried that a while ago and I’ve got a taste for it, that and hokey pokey ice cream. Have you ever tried that? It’s amazing.” Coming to his feet Rovan smiled at her, then leaned down and kissed her lips gently. “I’ll get something sweet, you get the music and we can snuggle as we listen,” he said. The word sounded odd to him, it wasn’t a word that came naturally in the Ktarian language and he pronounced it more like snoggle, but his intent was clear, he just wanted to spend some time relaxing with her like they used to so long ago.

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, Pilot/ Engineering

“You wanna snog, do you?” Allison teased quietly, almost too quiet for Rovan to hear. “Alright,” she said at a normal volume, going to the desk and pulling up a search. It didn’t take too long to find a fairly good recording of the musical and put it on the visual. It was a stage musical of the Count of Monte Cristo. “Theater has always been one of my guilty pleasures, something I sorely missed access to while on the planetoid. The thrill of live performance in front of an audience, the joy of sharing a imaginary reality with such a large group of people…! It’s amazing, to join or to watch.”


Returning to the couch Rovan sat down beside Allie and passed her a bowl of pudding. He had decided last moment to switch to a mix of Ktarian chocolate pudding and hokey pokey ice cream. Spooning a large portion into his mouth, he savoured the chocolate cake and ice cream hash as he looked at the performance on the screen. “I’ve seen something like this, at a Ktarian music festival. I don’t think you would have ever seen one but they are an experience, I think you would love it. I’ll take you to one one day when we have some leave, or to the holodeck and one of the replays of one.”

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, eng/pilot

Allison nodded in agreement, her mouth full of ice cream. The story was exciting, a tale of love, riches, betrayal, and revenge. Allison couldn’t help but sing along at several points in the show.


Rovan relaxed on the couch beside her, placing his bowl to one side and sliding his arm behind her as they watched, his ankle resting on his knee and bobbing in time to the music even though he had no idea of the words. Watching Allie sing, he grinned at how much passion she showed for the work.

“You know, if they turned that into a Klingon Opera, it would probably be very popular. They love the betrayal and revenge thing. And throwing things in romance, come to think of it.” It hadn’t been exactly an easy story for Rovan to follow, but he had enjoyed it even though many references and themes were clearly from early period Earth, a time that Allie was much closer to than him, a whole other world in fact was where he was from.

Lt j.g. Rovan Moor, Eng/Pilot

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