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Posted Jan. 3, 2020, 10:37 a.m. by Commander R'han (Chief Tactical Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) in Main sim, shuttlrbay

Posted by Commander R’han (Chief Tactical Officer) in Main sim, shuttlrbay

Posted by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) in Main sim, shuttlrbay
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Luka arrive in the shuttlebay and stood patiently waiting for the ensigns she had summoned to join her there.

Luka, xo

“Imagine meeting you here Commander.” R’han commented as he showed up with a phaser rifle in his hand resting against the same side shoulder. There was a hanging mouth piece likely connected to a source of oxygen and he wore heavy winter gear. “The Captain suggested that I support your team.”


Luka looked at his gear and nodded slightly. She wasn’t dressed much different than normal, although she had put on one extra layer. Her pale fur was made for this kind of weather, and although she had adapted to warmer environments, she had been born in a place that wasn’t too much warmer than it was outside. At least during the winter. “Good to see you, Commander,” she replied. “Not looking forward to the cold trek?”

Luka, XO

“The guards on Rura Pente has been known to kill prisoners’ by exposing them to the elements… death occurred in minutes.” looked at his gear for a moment and then back to the executive officer. “One thing is certain, I have no intention in dying in a few minutes of being exposed to anything.”


Luka nodded slightly. “How far is the walk from our drop-off point to the entrance?” She asked R’han.


“That’s up to you, we could fly right up to the entrance, and make it a few dozen yards… but that would make us fully visible and exposed. ” He looked at the sensor readings, “Given the situation speed seems to be more important than subterfuge.”


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