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Parce smiled in reply and dutifully turned off the system that had been acting a transport inhibitor. Bending over T’Pon he smiled at the proud mother and then fast as thought scooped the baby from her lap and disappeared in a site to site transporter beam…

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T’Pon screamed and lunged for the man falling through the air of where they had just vanished. S’Raal moved instinctively to his wife’s side but the look on her pained face told him all, she could not rise but she desperately wanted to, he must go in her stead. He scooped up a PaDD and left, eyes red with rage, Michail hot on his heels yelling over his shoulder, “Alert the Captain, no shuttles in or out!”

T’Pon, S’Raal Cran Moonshadow and Michail

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Jessica had returned to organizing medical supplies and treating the various small injuries that they hadn’t addressed yet, but T’Pon’s scream snapped her attention to where the mother and child had been resting comfortably. Despite her short stature, it only took her several steps to bound across Sickbay to the woman’s side as her entourage fled the room. She knelt down and clasped her hands around T’Pon’s upper arms. “Let’s get you back up onto the biobed,” she instructed, keeping her voice firm and unemotional for the moment.

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T’Pon was obviously in a lot of pain still but the look she gave the woman was both implacable and beseeching. “I have to go after my baby!”.


OOC: Just a quick note that the captain doesn’t even know a baby was born, let alone that there was an issue in Sickbay. ;) ~Linds

It was as if someone turned the tap on a really unpleasant scent to fill the Sickbay, Ben could barely stand it. The sudden flash of adrenalin filled his system as soon as he heard the transporter system and everything seemed to slow down. It wasn’t until T’Pon Started struggling that he woke up and sprinted towards her tapping his Combadg as he did =^=Grey to Bridge Lockdown the bloody ship, Someone just transported T’Pons child away=^= He cried placing his hands across the Vulcans shoulders “Stay still, This was a difficult birth and no good will come from you dropping dead” He whispered =^=It sounded like the internal systems, Michail is running after something guide him if you can=^= He added to his message to the bridge.

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T’Pon’s vulcan strength was at war with the ordeal she’d just been and adrenalin surged through her system as she struggled to the side of the biobed. Her voice dropped an octave and gained in power, “Give me something, anything! I have to go after Meryidiyth!”.

She slumped over the top of the bed as her trauma led to bleeding from her ravaged body.


Jessica’s petite form wasn’t much for the Vulcan’s form but she gave it all of what she had learned wrestling with her older brothers and boosted the woman back up onto the biobed. Somewhere in her consciousness, she acknowledged that Grey was taking care of finding the child and so her focus was intent on the new mother. “Sedate her,” she snapped to a nearby nurse, hoping the woman didn’t take the urgency in her voice personally. She leapt around the biobed to initiate its scanning sequences. “We need to make sure her bleeding gets under control; let’s see if calming her down does the trick first, but be ready.” She studied the Vulcan intently as the nurse pressed the hypospray against her.

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