Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Barclay waggled his eyebrows as if to say that he would definitely know which buttons to push.

OOC: Given we’re short on people (James and Meli aren’t able to stay on the ship), I’m going to make an executive decision and have R’han and Marishka join in. Yes, this is going to create drama later, which Ghubari will be well aware of. Stay tuned for that fun, haha!
Koraia quirked her eyebrows at Barclay and gazed at him intently, which she counted on as being rather uncomfortable after a time. Was it simply coincidence? “Don’t worry, R’han, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll man the conn. You join Luka and don’t be surprised if Marishka joins you. Mr. Barclay here makes a strangely cogent point.”

Barclay looked slightly disappointed, like a young boy who’s favourite toy had been denied him. He managed a slight smile and muttered: “By your command”.

R’han tilted his head in acceptance, “I wouldn’t bother with a stun setting Captain. The greater the consequence the more likely the compliance… particularly when you are dealing with possible sociopaths.” He smiled at Barkley, if he was a toy, he would leave him with a little present.

She rose to her feet and moved to where she could monitor things more closely. Which also allowed her to send Marishka a message letting her know that while it was not ideal for their other mission, her particular skills would be useful on the surface. She already knew their bartender was following everything that was happening, so explanations weren’t really necessary.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist


They hadn’t really discharged her from sickbay, but there had been nobody around to stop her from leaving. Strangely all nurses and doctors were elsewhere and Laraan had gleaned from passing conversations that the Athena was once again in the thick of it. The energy around her in this mirror universe felt alien to her and also off somehow, in short, there was no way she could rest now or even sleep. So she had slipped out of sickbay, quickly replicated a fresh uniform and was now rejoining the bridge unobstrusively, just as apparently a few others were about to leave? She edged her way to the aux science station at the back, automatically looking for Ghubari, her light grey eyes filled with worry.

  • Laraan, CNS

Barclay took one look at her and blanched. Tentatively he came up slow, making no sudden moves. “Is your name Laraan perchance?” he said, very politely.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

A mission guest? Well, time to be a bridge officer. She stood up formally and gave a curd nod. “Yes, Lieutenant Laraan Sir. I’m the head counselor on this ship.” she sang, trying to keep her voice as ‘human’ as possible and making clear pauses between the words.”
His reaction to her had not escaped her, his energy signature felt distinctly mirror… she decided not to ask.

  • Laraan, CNS

Ghubari looked back at Laraan with an expression that seemed to say something along the lines of welcome to the craziness. It seemed like ages since she had had that strange… vision? Even now, the image of Sisko was still strong in her mind and all Koraia could do was remember what it was they were here for: to save two Universes. That’s all. No pressure!

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Barclay continued to watch the progress of the mayhem below on Rura Penthe but then looked up at Laraan. “There is only a handful of your species left in this universe and you bear a striking resemblance to one who is feared across the whole of this quadrant. If half of the stories are true then your race holds some very special capabilities”.

Laraan’s eyes widened upon the implication in his words.

Looking up at the Captain, Barclay frowned at a reading on the console. “Captain, there’s a ship decloaking off the starboard bow…”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

At that precise moment, a message came from the CSO. =^= Madison to the Bridge. We have modified the shield to stop some abnormalities on the ship. Now we have a new issue. We need a ship-wide alert to notify everyone to conserve energy and any spare energy to be rerouted as well. If one goes down, we’re going to have serious problems.=^=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Because… of course, Ghubari thought shrewdly. They were already at red alert, so any non essential systems were unaccessible, but an announcement she could do. =/\=Understood, Lieutenant. Good work.=/\=

Glancing at Laraan, she nodded. “Send out the ship-wide comm.”

Well finally one thing she could help with. She left the announcement to the Captain but did prepare to send the com out through the Computer, then she looked at Barclay again.
“You are implying my people here had something to do with the fact that there are only a few species left?” she asked. Had they found a way here to avoid the rapid aging process that extensive channeling from ones’ own energy brought with it? She only hoped she wouldn’t meet any of them. They would most likely feel her currently supercharged self. Images from channeling addicts back home invaded her mind and she shivered. They never survived long, naturally, but until their death they caused a lot of trouble.

  • Laraan, CNS

“Not at all” Barclay replied urbanely whilst keeping an eye on the panels to his left. “The Klingon Cardassian Alliance destroyed most of the Heleen as they were potential threats to security. The Heleen who you look like has taken it upon herself to destroy everyone who let her people be massacred. There’s a bounty on her head that could buy this ship twice over.” Barclay was watching her surreptitiously obviously concerned she was going to get angry.

“Can we identify the decloaking ship?” Koraia asked as her hands rested on the console prepared to take action the instant it was needed. There was something strange about standing at tactical, a remnant of old memories from her past that seemed like several lifetimes ago.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Suddenly the comm opened with the panicked and sheer voice of the Chief Medical Officer =^=Grey to Bridge Lockdown the bloody ship, Someone just transported T’Pons child away=^= There was a quite moment of whispers on the channel before his voice returned =^=It sounded like the internal transporter systems, Michail is running after something guide him if you can=^=

Dr. Grey - CMO

The computer spoke up =/\= Unauthorised shuttle launch in progress =/\= and seconds later, =/\=We are being hailed by the decloaking vessel =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
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