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OOC Just to note that Orvos is about to jump from his thread in the Cyrano to joining you in the shuttle bay.
Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

S’Raal saw the retreating back of Parce and barely managed to control himself. Looking at Gorn headed, Lethean handed monstrosities gave him pause though.

“I try not to judge based on appearances, but I am willing to declare ‘those’ are the bad guys.” R’han continued to sweep the shuttle based phasers at targets of opportunity. What he could not do is shoot at the retreating Parce as intentionally or unintentionally he had a hostage/human shield.

R’han dipped the shuttle close to the deck so his passengers could disembark ‘safely’.

He looked at Luka and hissed under his breath, “I don’t care what they are… they die!”. Forgoing energy weapons S’Raal strapped on his family heirloom claw extensions and nodded to Michail who had pulled out a tiny weapon from within his clothing.

He saw S’Raal’s look and winked, “Noisy Cricket,” he said depreciatingly, “Much more bite than bark”.

They both charged the line making sure they didn’t obstruct Luka’s line of fire.

S’Raal and Michail

As they advanced and some of the monstrosities went down under Luka’s barrage a number of the creatures dropped to all fours and placed their hands on the metal deck plating…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Laraan exited last, moving nimbly and fast. It was all some sort of sick deja vu. Everyone fighting pawns while the true villain was about to escape… again. Well not this time. She had formed a plan and it went against everything she believed in, all she had ever learned and broke about every promise she had ever given her family and her people. She had never been a fighter, was unarmed and not half as strong as R’han, S’Raal, Michail or Luka, but she was fast.

So she ran, making sure not to get too close to any of her crew mates - right into the throng of uglies that were between her and Meridyth. And as she ran she stretched out her hands in front of her, marshalling all her concentration and then she drew in life energy like she never had before, faster and harder, from as far ahead of her as possible, concentrating on the dirty, sticky-feeling life energy of those abominations, drawing it out of them… or so she hoped. She had no clue if it would work. If not she would just run into a throng of monsters that could kill her in seconds. She had no idea what that kind of energy would do to her, whether she could keep it under control or what to do with it, but she simply saw no other way.
A part of her mind thought of Stark, whishing he would be here, that she would see him, feel his fur… one last time.

  • Laraan, CNS

It was working with creatures fainting from lack of energy all around her, but then from further away the claws of the creatures made contact with the floor and sent out a massive electrical shockwave knocking her into the air, overloaded and close to insensibility. S’Raal close behind was similarly incapacitated.

Luka continued to mercilessly destroy the beasts, her teeth bared as she skillfully pointed her phaser at one after another.

Luka, XO

The electrical charge was lesser at Luka’s and Michail’s position and both of them fought to maintain consciousness under the barrage.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC Author’s note, you’re down but not out and Orvos is still a wild card due to not having set foot outside the Cyrano yet.

R’han programmed the shuttle to rise to 10,000 meters and stand by for either an automatic transporter request… or a return to land. He shook his head… he guessed that they were going to go a ground and pound approach. R’han joined his team mates bounding after the child.


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