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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Lemann (Doctor) in Main Sim - Sickbay: A Late Night Snack

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T’Pon’s eyes flew open and then she stopped dead as she concentrated intently… “Two… impossible… perhaps not…” she muttered and then looked up at the two doctors, “Is there anything you can give me that can help me get into a state of meditation?”


Jessica gave her superior a dubious look as she considered T’Pon’s request. Given the recent blood loss and the traumatic childbirth she had suffered, introducing extra medication to her right now didn’t seem like it would be the wisest decision, not to mention that there weren’t medications she was aware of that could induce a state of meditation. “We could try a stimulant, but I’m concerned about the blood loss she recently suffered…” she murmured, hoping that only Grey could overhear her.

Dr. Lemann

“Agreed, I’d rather much avoid placing her under too much stress,” Ben said quietly back “But We’ll give it a try, if it turns out to be too much we’ll try and clean her system out, induce a coma if necessary.” He said seriously, giving Lemann a nod of approval.

Dr. Grey - CMO

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Jessica made sure to prepare the medications to do that and then pressed the hypospray with a stimulant against T’Pon’s neck. Her eyes immediately went to the vital sign display on the biobed, not trusting the alarms to alert her. She wanted to be able to act as soon as they started deteriorating if there was going to be a poor reaction to the stimulant.

Dr. Lemann

T’Pon snapped to attention but stayed supine on the bed. “It’s the strangest thing,” she said quietly, “For a moment it felt like Meryidiyth was on two places at once, then one of them disappeared like a big wall went up”.

She concentrated and a bead of sweat formed on her brow, “Newborn, and yet she’s calm, she’s in a corridor, there’s phaser fire and fighting behind them, now they’ve come into an open space…” T’Pon gasped, “There’s a man waiting, I know that face! Pierce Hamilton!”.

She looked at the two doctor’s, “We’ve got to get this information to the team below!” Suddenly the strain took its toll and she started to convulse on the bed as the adrenalin overloaded her already beleaguered system.


If anyone had found the string of curse words uttered by Jessica before to be impressive, they would be downright amazed by the ones flying out of her mouth now as she snatched the prepared hypospray and pressed it to T’Pon’s neck. She tossed it away and heard it overshoot the nearby tray, clattering to the floor below, as she rolled the Vulcan to her side to protect her airway from the seizure. It was only then, red-faced and damp with sweat, that she looked up to make eye contact with Grey. Keeping one hand on her patient, her concern for the woman overriding any fear of another telepathic journey, she swatted the comm badge pinned to her uniform tunic.

=/\= Lemann to the Bridge. T’Pon mentioned that she felt that Meryidiyth was in two places at once and then one disappeared like a big wall went up. =/\=

She paused for a moment, gathering her recollection of the woman’s words so she could continue to accurately provide the information.

=/\= She states Meryidiyth was in a corridor with phaser fire and fighting and they’re now in an open space where they’ve run into Pierce Hamilton. =/\=

As she finished her account, a flash of uncertainty came over her features and a look of exhaustion creased her face. Hopefully the Bridge would be able to make sense of this information and it would help to get the Vulcan back her child.

Dr. Lemann

Benjamin was rightfully impressed with the string of curse words coming from his junior officer, mostly due to the fact that he himself was thinking many of the similar words but experience taught him to suppress any such urges “Good Work Doctor, now let’s try and keep her under” He said with a brief smile, the day was not the best he’d had that much was certain.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Jessica’s hand dropped back down to her side, although her body language showed her to be tensed and ready for action as she made eye contact with her superior. She offered him a small smirk back. “Thank you.” She fished in the pocket of her lab coat for a moment and then gathered her hair between her two hands, twisting it around in a loose bun on the back of her head and securing it with the elastic band she had procured from her pocket. She turned to lean against the biobed slightly, putting her hand back on T’Pon and checking her vital signs read out above the bed once more as a small yawn escaped her lips.

Dr. Lemann

Unbidden the EMH activated. Strangely it stayed silent and proceeded to pick up a hypospray from a nearby tray.

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