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Jessica’s keen eyes caught just the twitches of the smile on Va’rek’s lips as she spun toward the door. A self-satisfied smirk crossed her features as she murmured the word ‘success’ to herself. She angled her head to the side slightly to glance at him as he fell into step beside her, thankful that she vaguely knew the correct direction they should be heading. The silence seemed easy and so she was momentarily surprised as his voice broke their journey. As she processed his words, her face lit up brighter than he’d seen thus far as she laughed heartily, raising one balled fist to not-so-gently punch him in the upper arm nearest her. “That’s the next level option,” she retorted, her amusement dancing through her words.

Dr. Lemann

Upon being punched, Va’rek gave her what could only be a deftly and quite purposely overwrought caricature of the raising of the Vulcan brow in severe admonishment and surprise. He rubbed the shoulder gingerly. “You humans always speak of how you left violence far behind you, culturally speaking… I must say I see no evidence of that.” He said, just primly enough to cause himself to almost grin at the jest.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

Jessica tried desperately to keep a neutral expression when faced with Va’rek’s admonishing stare, but she couldn’t contain herself and nearly doubled over laughing. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” she responded with a delighted smirk as she paused outside the lounge’s doors. One hand found its way to her hip and she jutted it out slightly in a playful stance. “You ready?” Her tone was light, but her eyes grew slightly serious as she searched the Vulcan’s face, finally resting her gaze directly into his eyes. She wanted to make sure that he ate and had some social time, but she didn’t want to push too hard. A balance.

Dr. Lemann

Va’rek actually smiled. A slightly abashed, partially embarrassed smile that involved both looking down and then away… but genuine, none the less.

“I am ready.” He said, trying to return his face to a more stoic expression.

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IC: Meanwhile, Orvos had waited to approach the lounge. He knew Marishka would likely be in there. But he kept his head cool. While her feminine wiles always caught him off guard, he was old enough to know where such indulgences could lead. He had managed thus far to avoid meeting with her alone in her quarters. The problem was, she still had the work order for her sonic shower to be fixed, and he still had not done it. Had he sent someone? Certainly! And Kurok still came back having told him that Marishka wanted he, Orvos Legen, to get it done.

Orvos was not within sight just yet of 17 Forward. He shook his head to get the thoughts out of his mind. He had donned his off duty garb consisting mostly of a silver shirt that extended down to his knees. His legs were covered by dark pants. The unique design made his clothes a bit more breathable and flexible. No uniform, and no pips, meant that nobody ought to care about his position on the ship.

As he approached the door, he found a doctor standing before perhaps a new junior officer aboard the Athena. Was he one of the new engineers? And why were they headed to the lounge? Perhaps they knew each other? Former lovers from a long time ago? Long lost step siblings? Impossible to tell, though the way she happened to gaze at the Vulcan made certain thoughts pop in mind. He kept them in the back of his brain for the time being, not wanting it to influence anything…yet.

He seemingly popped out of nowhere next to the pair. “You two just going to stand there? Or are we all going to go in and enjoy some time off duty?” he inquired curiously with a bit of jovial undertones playing in his voice.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Jessica didn’t even startle when the random voice of another crew member broke into her steady gaze on Va’rek. Her attention easily shifted to the newcomer and she offered him a beaming smile. “Hello there,” she greeted him. “We’re heading in,” she confirmed, her eyes shifting to Va’rek briefly as if waiting for confirmation. A smirk played up on her lips and her head tilted slightly to the side as she asked Legen, “so what’s good here? I’m new.”

Dr. Lemann

The Vulcan’s brows rose in surprise as Legen greeted them. Clearly he was caught off guard, though he recovered quickly; looking from Orvos to Jessica and back. “Yes Lieutenant,” he replied as Jessica also spoke. He motioned for them to precede him into the lounge and then gently touched his forehead near his temple. He rubbed the spot just for a moment as if massaging away a sinus pain, but followed the others as they walked. “I wonder if the replicator is programmed for Fried Okra…” Va’rek pondered aloud as they entered.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

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