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Zogozin drew himself up to speak but the Thoilan Ambassador, Azrene, cut him off by speaking in his place. “We know you are not allied with the renegade and our intelligence has uncovered that that one” he pointed at Stark’s prone form “Is mated to your version of it”. The Tholian seemed to grow in stature as it continued to speak, “We are prepared to continue these talks providing you can ensure no more interruptions and will guarantee that the renegade will be delivered to us when it is captured”.

Zogozin was about to protest when the Breen Ambassador, Thot Gor, spoke in machine code in an assent of Azrene’s words effectively out voting the Gorn.

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Julien looked at Kaylee, indicating an ever so slight nod, then he looked at Zogozin. “He needs treatment. I’ll return with him to the shuttle where I can stabilize him until you’ve finished talking.” he said, making it more of a statement than a question. A Gorn didn’t react well to submissiveness.

Zogozin seemed to have no reaction apart from a subtle movement with one scaly claw. A slight flinch from another Gorn realyed that some sort of message had just been passed between them.

He contacted the NE at the shuttle to beam him and Stark back, hoping that he could stabilize Stark well enough to get him back into action. Before the beam came, he turned to Janna, so that the Gorn and his party could only see his broad back. Between them he touched her com badge and mouthed “Keep the line open” to her, so he would hear what was going on here and could beam back if there was trouble.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Janna didn’t nod but she half winked in a gesture that would likely appear simply as a twitch. They were outnumbered and sadly unarmed. It was meant to be a peace conference, after all. She knew they’d have to keep their wits about them.

=/\= NE Berean here, sorry sir but all transporters are down at the moment. I’ll touch down next to where you are, but you’re going to have to carry him out =/\=

=^= Proceed. =^= Julien answered. That way the shuttle also wasn’t too far away from the others, should they have to make a fast exit. Maybe he would be able to find mirror Laraan, once he was outside with Stark and warn her.

Kaylee looked towards Orvos and raised her eyebrows, hoping that he might address the demands that had been put forth. She herself could not guarantee this things, and certainly did not want to get involved with things any more than was necessary.

Orvos said nothing but he kept looking at a wrist chronometer. He was definitely waiting for something.

Kingston gave an uncertain look to Baxter, knowing they were acting their way through this, though it was also clear that they might still be able to accomplish something here.

“The versions of us,” Kaylee said, waving her arm in a sweeping motion, indicating herself and her companions. “Are not like the versions that are here in your universe. I myself and a trained diplomat with a background in Counseling and psychology, as is Janna here. We can help you come to a peaceful agreement if that is what you truly desire.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Zogozin scowled at the mentioning of counselling and psychology but kept his peace not wanting to be embarrassed again by being shouted down. Azrene spoke up, “Peace is a foreign concept to my race, we rule and conquer, however current circumstances dictate a change in policy. I will overlook the rebel for the moment until such time as she is captured…” he nodded to his party and several left to join the hunt for Laraan, “We wish to be assured that if we ally with the Bajorans, Romulans and Earth Alliance that we will be an equal partner in all decisions made.”

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He lifted Stark up, resting the brunt of his weight on his right arm and gave Kaylee another glance, hoping she would be able to handle Zogozin like a Gorn needed to be handled. “I’ll be back asap.” he said and went to leave.

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Some of the opposing delegates looked like they were going to try and stop them from leaving but Orvos still checking his wrist chronometer dropped back and came with them to the door. The shuttle was landing right outside and just 200 metres back there was another similar shuttle coming in for a landing as well.

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With little information, but an open comlink, Janna once again faced the group, even daring to draw nearer. “We can’t guarantee much of anything. We’re simply here to help you,” she said with a more level tone than before, though she was glad to know that her efforts earlier had been useful. “But quite frankly, people help themselves. If you’ve come here with a genuine interest in peace, prove it. Join the table and tell Kaylee and I what the main issue is. Maybe we can actually get some work done rather than standing about worrying about what one being may or may not be doing right now.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Azrene leaned forward to speak, “We need this treaty, I admit this, but we have been betrayed again and again by the Klingons and Cardassians. These people,” he pointed to Eddington “have allied themselves with the Romulans who we also have been betrayed by. We want assurances that they will be controlled and not allowed to betray us again!”.

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Outside, Julien zoomed in with his right eye on the approaching shuttle to identify it while taking long strides to the other closer one, waving with his left hand at them.
Meanwhile he tried to keep Stark conscious.
“How’s it going my man? Stay with me will you? I’m bloody terrified of your cute tiny wife if I let something happen to you.” he said.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

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