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Marishka sighed and bared her teeth but, in the end, she couldn’t help but smile.

“And you really think we’d make good friends hmm?” she asked as Stark lead them onto the dance floor.

  • Marishka

“Three different but similar controlling manipulators all trying to outdo each other…” Stark smiled showing his own fangs, “Perhaps an interesting take on friendship, but definitely not boring as relationships go. Chances are he wants to see you in action the same way I did”.

Marishka nodded and smiled. She was prepared to give him exactly what he wanted.

Stark led Marishka into a spin and then dip, using every movement to enable them to have visual perception and body angle to be able to respond to any attack.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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IC: There were a few couples who mirrored Stark and Marishka’s movements exactly, others who significantly contrasted, and others who would hover by and move off. As the cadence to the song changed, suddenly everyone split from their partner and chose a new one.

A petite woman with long, flowing red locks of hair. Her brown eyes looked up expectantly at Stark. Meanwhile, a tall well built man strode up to Marishka, his green eyes vibrant and the very slight wrinkles at his eyes smiling. He had short, dark hair and an extended hand towards the dame. “May I?” he inquired politely as the woman beamed at the CIO.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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Marishka gave Stark a final glance.

“Save the last dance for me.” she said before bowing to her new partner and taking his hand.

Marishka wondered if the resemblance to Julien was intentional or dumb luck but, somehow, she didn’t believe dumb luck fit the bill when it came to Orvos.

“Well here’s hoping you can keep up.”

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The man took her hand in his, and allowed the other to settle on her hip. “You’re quite a woman, aren’t you?” he said, eyeing her up and down as they moved to the music. “Orion and Klingon, is it?” A bemused grin was plastered to the man’s face.

-Mysterious Man

Marishka followed the man’s movements, nodded, and smiled.

Part fo her was frustrated with this whole situation. Orvos was just an engineer and she was merely a bartender, but they both knew that wasn’t the whole truth at all. So if he wanted a performance, she would give him one.

“You are correct. A spectacularly manipulated birth.”

  • Marishka

“Sounds like quite the story,” replied the man, not seeking to push too much. “You must be quite the fighter. Computer records for this holodeck indicate as much anyway.”

In the distance, she would see an almost ghostly vision of her and Stark taking on a group of ninjas with no mercy.

“Kindred spirits we seem to be,” he said with a curious grin. He meant nothing threatening by it, but that was all up to her interpretation as well.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“I have to be able to hold my own, so why not be good at it? What do you mean by kindred spirit?” Marishka asked pleasantly all the while moving effortlessly with this new partner.

  • Marishka

The man grinned wide, a small dimple to be seen on one side of his face. “We’re both fighters. Bred for combat, though it is peculiar you use this particular garb. In any case…” he said as he turned her around once and dipped her down, his face inches from her own. “There is one thing I must know. Is Orvos Legen on this ship?”

-Mysterious Man

Marishka thought that was an odd question to say the least. Her silver eyes caught the man’s as they moved together.

“Step outside and find out. Either I can’t discuss what I don’t know or I won’t discuss what I do know. Choose wisely my pretty.” she responded calmly.

  • Marishka

The man grinned. “I didn’t think you would share. No harm in asking anyway.” He pulled her back up to dance further. “I must admit, I did not expect to find someone here like you. My name is Dawson, and you are?” he asked some more.


Marishka kept eyeing the man with a slow cool smile on her face.

“Well for now I’m your current dance partner. Information for information. What do you want this person for? It might be worth my name.” she said feigning curiosity.

  • Marishka

OOC: What’s the timeline of this Ian, can Julien bardge in and rip this fellow apart?

OOC: I’m not sure on the exact timing of this, but I have no qualms with Julien showing up haha. I’ll leave timing in Ian’s hands.

IC: Dawson continued their dance as the song neared its end. Dawson smiled. “He created this. I also happen to know him very well. I need to find him.” He raised an eyebrow, curiosity displayed on his face as to whether he would get her name now.


Marishka wasn’t certain what to make of this whole situation. Perhaps it would be a good idea to play along but her suspicious mind wouldn’t stop working. That mind had served her well over the years so she usually tried to listen to it.

“Well, depending on who you ask, I probably have a lot of names and a few titles. I’m not bragging, just very busy. You may call me Eroméni.” she said with a smile.

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