Medical eval - Va'rek-17 Forward

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The Vulcan’s brows rose in surprise as Legen greeted them. Clearly he was caught off guard, though he recovered quickly; looking from Orvos to Jessica and back. “Yes Lieutenant,” he replied as Jessica also spoke. He motioned for them to precede him into the lounge and then gently touched his forehead near his temple. He rubbed the spot just for a moment as if massaging away a sinus pain, but followed the others as they walked. “I wonder if the replicator is programmed for Fried Okra…” Va’rek pondered aloud as they entered.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

“I didn’t know that was a Vulcan delicacy,” Jessica deadpanned as she followed Va’rek into the lounge. “I’ve heard that there’s actually a full kitchen here that can make fresh food, which is a big change from my last assignment. I’m so looking forward to a burger and fries.” She could feel her mouth watering at the thought of her favorite dish. “And a soda and maybe a beer and definitely a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top afterward…” Her stomach audibly rumbled in approval of her food selection as she chattered, although the movement of Va’rek’s hand to his temple momentarily distracted her. Her eyes narrowed briefly as she noted it and she physically began to push him toward a nearby table. “Will you be joining us?” she queried the newcomer to the group, evaluating whether they would be able to sit at a four top or a two top.

Dr. Lemann

Orvos followed, curiosity getting the best of him. He knew the place well enough, so he decided to host them. “I certainly can. When did the two of you arrive on the ship?” He asked so he took a seat at their table.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: I’m sort of assuming this is post-sim since Dave has a story to play out here, but I can edit my post if needed.


Jessica’s smile was genuine as she beamed at the CE. “Wonderful!” she exclaimed as she lead the way to a table that accommodate the trio. She slid into a chair closest to the bulkhead and then waited for her two meal companions to take their seats. After everyone had gotten situated, she finally responded to his question. “I came aboard before our last mission,” she commented, wiggling slightly in her chair as she made herself comfortable. “So I’m new, but not as new as him.” She jerked her thumb to point at the Vulcan in the group. “How about you? You seem to know your way around.”

Dr. Lemann

The Vulcan took a seat where he could easily see the door they had come through and listened as Jessica and Orvos talked, though his eyes drifted over the menu and occasionally out the viewport, to the stars, as often as they rested on Orvos and Jessica. He wanted to be here, felt healthier being here… Though he was finding it difficult to focus. Also, he was on just slightly on edge because he knew from his research prior to coming aboard the Athena, that Orvos was his superior and direct supervisor. It made him uneasy to risk allowing his Cheif to see him in a state such as he was. The man’s behavior was also very odd. Though he’d never met an El-Aurian, he’d heard about the race of Listeners and so far Orvos seemed… Not at all like what he’d expected. Silently, a pang of anxiety shot through Va’rek. He clasped his hands before him, to stop them from trembling, and looked out the Viewport again, waiting for the jolt to pass.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

From a corner booth in the shadows, Stark watched… He was used to unVulcanlike Vulcan’s but this one was particularly interesting. He’d never met a neurotic Vulcan before. He opened a special file in his brain and started to do a 60 second period triaxialated behaviour summary. Fascinating…

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