CNS Office, Psyche Eval - Va'rek

Posted Feb. 23, 2020, 1:56 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Va'rek (Engineer) (Dave Eads)

It was a little late in the day, but having settled in somewhat, Va’rek felt as if he were able to finally face the meeting he must have with the Athena’s CNS. The Vulcan took his time getting there, making his slow and meandering way to Deck 11 and then wandering the corridors for a few minutes before going directly to the office. So far he’d found the Athena to be a little bit more than he’d bargained for. He had taken this assignment with the hope that he would find a quiet posting, somewhere he could heal and somehow come to terms with the recent events of his life. Va’rek had not expected to find fellow crew members who seemed to both support and encourage him. He’d quite expected that he would, as previously, be left alone to deal with… The things he’d been dealing with. Or, more accurately, avoiding dealing with.

It was with some great trepidation that he found himself arriving at his destination, and took a long moment to try his best to put himself together before he pressed the door chime. He felt unready to face the inquiry of a trained counselor who would undoubtedly be able to see through what small amount of facade he’d been able to maintain thus far. He was afraid, but he knew the time would only make him weaker. It must be done now, while he still had some small strength to focus. In fact, he knew deep down that he needed help. He could not process all of his turmoil on his own, and it had been growing… if he were not able to address it, at least in some small way… He would spiral even further. Perhaps even be unable to function at his job, which was… all he had left now.

Va’rek steeled himself, tried his best to clear his mind, and straightened his uniform. He waited for the door to open and admit him to…who knew what.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

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