Medical eval - Va'rek-17 Forward

Posted Feb. 25, 2020, 11:24 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Lemann (Doctor) (Sarah Hemenway)

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“I’ve been here for quite some time,” he said with a grin in reply to the doctor’s question. “The name is Orvos Legen, and you two are?” he inquired, his eyes shifting between the two.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Jessica squeezed Va’rek’s knee once more and then leaned over the table to offer it to Legen in a traditional human greeting. “I’m Doctor Lemann,” she introduced herself with a grin. “Quite some time? That’s awfully vague,” she remarked with a laugh. She dropped her hand and clasped them in front of her on the table, leaning forward conspiratorially. “So what are all of the secrets?”

Dr. Lemann

Jessica’s touch startled him, though he managed to hide it for the most part. Her touch brought him back to reality, and he turned his eyes to her. His expression softened just enough to communicate his appreciation of her pulling him back to the situation at hand. It took only a moment to recollect and bring himself up to speed with the general conversation, and he did it deftly, despite the fact that the trained eye of Jessica and the deeper senses of Orvos might have caught his distress. “I am Va’rek…” He said in greeting. “And, if I am not mistaken, you are my direct superior.” His voice was even and bore no signs of stress, thought his hands still trembled slightly. To fight this, he unconsciously unclasped them and brought them to rest on his lap beneath the surface of the table. There was a moment where one hand hovered, and he nearly took her hand to hold it. However, he did not. Again, he was unsure of how he was reading things and played it safe. A part of him felt sadness. He’d have liked to hold her hand. Though he was unsure of how she might take that, and if it would mean the same to her as it might mean to him…

As Nightstalker watched the group, Va’rek in particular it seemed, the Vulcan remained oblivious. Were he in a better state, he might have noticed, but alas… He was not.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

Jessica’s attention was seemingly focused on Legen, but she kept careful watch of her patient out of the corner of her eye. While she personally wanted to enjoy the dinner-time companionship, there was a small piece of her that felt like this was a duty to make sure that Va’rek was taken care of. The evaluation had revealed malnourishment as well as the physiological signs normally associated with anxiety and she was concerned, but didn’t feel that making a big production of it would be helpful at the particular juncture. Her peripheral gaze became particularly attentive as she pieced together that Legen was, in fact, Va’rek’s department head. She bit her lip to avoid letting out a slight sigh of annoyance. This wasn’t the way one relaxed and enjoyed a meal. As she listened to them converse, she shifted slightly in her chair, somewhat impatient to move along in the dinner.

Dr. Lemann

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