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Jessica’s hand dropped back down to her side, although her body language showed her to be tensed and ready for action as she made eye contact with her superior. She offered him a small smirk back. “Thank you.” She fished in the pocket of her lab coat for a moment and then gathered her hair between her two hands, twisting it around in a loose bun on the back of her head and securing it with the elastic band she had procured from her pocket. She turned to lean against the biobed slightly, putting her hand back on T’Pon and checking her vital signs read out above the bed once more as a small yawn escaped her lips.

Dr. Lemann

Unbidden the EMH activated. Strangely it stayed silent and proceeded to pick up a hypospray from a nearby tray.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The activation of the EMH was a strange occurrence. Benjamin was taught by a very Holo-phobic doctor and the aversion to the Medical program had been instilled into him, that plus the empty non-smell of holograms always bothered his bloodhound-like nouse “EMH why are you active” He said in an annoyed tone, he was very tired after this day and a malfunctioning walking medical textbook was the last thing he needed right now.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Jessica’s focus was entirely on the woman lying on the biobed in front of her, watching as her vitals steadied as a result of the heavy sedation. She yawned again, instinctively caressing the woman’s side, and then jumped visibly as she heard Grey addressing the EMH. In her exhausted hyper focus, she hadn’t even noticed the activation of the hologram. She gave T’Pon a final squeeze and turned her attention to the interaction between the two to see what was going on, listening curiously for an answer.

Dr. Lemann

The EMH replied in a particularly cheery voice. “This patient needs to be administered with 100 milligrams of arsenic”. The EMH started moving towards T’Pon.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Benjamin frowned as he stepped between the hologram and his patient “The hell she does. Computer deactivate EMH” He tried to keep his voice calm but the situation was alarming, to say the least.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The computer’s reply was immediate, =/\= Unable to comply, that command is unavailable =/\=

Jessica’s green eyes widened at the EMH’s response. She still stood adjacent to T’Pon’s biobed and was momentarily thankful when Grey slipped between her and the EMH to provide another line of defense. She studied her superior briefly as an idea occurred to her regarding a brief fight over a uniform tunic in her past. “Computer, erect a forcefield around biobed seven, approval Lemann Alpha Five. Suspicion of biological contaminant.”

Dr. Lemann

The forcefield went up instantly around both doctors and T’Pon but the EMH simply advanced through it. Ceres saw what was going on and tried to get to his feet.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

OOC Realised a slight tactical error I made here…
As the EMH passed through the forcefield it came to a sudden stop as the hypospray it was carrying could not enter. It paused to recalibrate its response to this conundrum.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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