Main Sim - Sickbay: A Late Night Snack

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As the EMH passed through the forcefield it came to a sudden stop as the hypospray it was carrying could not enter. It paused to recalibrate its response to this conundrum.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Another string of curse words slipped out of Jessica’s mouth, mostly centered around holograms. At least this had delayed it. She looked desperately at Gray for any ideas he had. “Should we just teleport T’Pon out? Maybe we could monitor her in her quarters… it wouldn’t be ideal…” As she spoke, she kept a careful eye on the EMH.

Dr. Lemann

Ben growled =^=Sickbay to Bridge, deactivate all Sickbay Holographic projectors immediately=^= He ran back to the biobed and tapped in the commands to raise a force field around the woman herself, he knew that against a hostile hologram he could do very little so it would by him a few moments “No don’t, we can’t move her” He said looking at the hologram “EMH Start self-diagnostic” He called to the infernal hologram.

Dr. Grey - CMO

=/\=We’re on it, Chief. Stand by.=/\= The captain didn’t ask for an update but then again it was assumed she’d be given one when the moment was right.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Unsure what to do and not a particular fan of that feeling, Jessica remained beside the biobed, her eyes wide and on the EMH as she caught her breath up, waiting to see if disabling the emitters would work.

Dr. Lemann

The hologram readied itself to give Dr. Grey a backhand to remove him from the way, the arm flew through the intervening space and then blinked out just before the point of contact. There was peace for all of three seconds and then the computer spoke.

=/\=Sickbay security protocol Parce 47 enabled, sickbay will now be cleansed using acidichloride gas =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist.

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