Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Va’rek (Engineer) in Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Merri’s face was also a mask in frustration. “One of the most damnable things about my job is the phrase “need to know”, unfortunately, this current dilemma isn’t one I was briefed on. I do know however that there are many players in this drama and that Lieutenant Va’rek would do well to look for any hidden players”. She placed some heavy emphasis in the last sentence and then looked around almost as if she was worried she was going to get her hands smacked for some unknown reason.

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“Something cloaked?” Ghubari said. It made sense.

Luka’s voice came from inter-vessel communications. =^=Shuttle to Athena Bridge. What’s going on and how can we help?=^=

Luka, XO

She had very briefly forget about the one away team in all the chaos. =/\=Koraia here. We’re dealing with some sort of intrusion in the ship’s computer and whomever is behind it is trying to kill us. Currently, the warp core is headed for a breach in about, oh, thirty seconds,=/\= she said, far more calmly than she felt. =/\=Are you all alright? Is Delany and the baby safe?=/\=

=^= Madison to Bridge. I’m in the transporter room. My scans show unauthorized access into the ship’s program. It originates a mile from the Athena’s port side. We can’t shut down the warp core due to the transporter inhibiting shields and no time to move people to safety. I’m trying to see what we can do from this end, but the source needs to be shut down fast.=^=

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Nodding, Koraia moved over to the tactical station. =/\=Send me those coordinates, Liam,=/\= she ordered. “Va’rek, what’s the warp core’s status? Take over and do whatever you can to lock things down down there. We’ll dump the core as a last resort.”

=/\=Luka, you hear that? As soon as I have those coordinates, I’m going to fire on them. If you’re safe to do so, R’han, I could use your skills too. We’re going to shake our shadow loose.=/\=

Outwardly, she was serene and focused as she tossed out orders. But it was a spectacular performance. Later, oh later, if they even survived any of this, she would allow herself to feel it. But not now. She couldn’t risk it.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Merri was very studiously saying nothing… but she was also intently looking at a point on the viewscreen equidistant between them and the base below…

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OOC: I also forgot that we have no working consoles on the bridge! Let me see if I can salvage the little mess I made.
=/\=We’ve lost consoles. Luka, take down that ship! I’m going to dump the core, so make sure you clear the blast radius. =/\= Koraia said, her tone utterly flat. It wouldn’t be a great surprise that she was loathe to do this under their current circumstances, but so far hadn’t been given an alternative.

=/\=Madison, send the coordinates to the shuttle, and do what you can to dump the core from your end since you seem to have more access than we do.”

Turning, Ghubari leaned against the console and stared at the viewscreen, her mood visibly darkening. She cast her gaze towards Merri with almost slight disdain. “I am not in the mood for games, nor do I have time too. I don’t care what rules you have to break. This ship is about to blow up with everyone on board. If you can help, do so! Do you really want to die here?, Because I surely don’t!”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Captain,” the Vulcan had come to stand before Ghubari, his hazel eyes filled with dread. He did not look happy. “Our guest,” He made a motion to imply that he meant Merri. “suggested that we use a telepathic link. I do not know the purpose she had for suggesting such a thing, but… I believe if we were to do just that, it might allow our respective abilities to amplify and sharpen. We might be able to use our combined empathic and telepathic ability to find the source of our …troubles.” If there were any other options, Va’rek would have gladly chosen something other than to be joined mentally with anyone, let alone his superior. “We could use your senses like a scanner, and mine like a scalpel.”

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

Her pale amber eyes gazed deeply at him while her mind quickly went through the options. They were out of time. They had few good options. She was loathe to do this with someone she hardly knew, but it mattered little, not if they could save their ship and all the people on it. She gave a quick nod. “It’s.. something.”

She stood up and grabbed one of the chairs from the operations station. “Grab a seat, Lieutenant. I’m thinking we’re going to want to be sitting for this,” Koraia said as she sat down and tried to make herself more comfortable than she was. The mind was a precarious thing and the only person she was comfortable allowing in there freely was her husband.

“Do what you need to,” Ghubari said, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, relaxing her body so it wouldn’t create any unnecessary resistance.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

=^=The baby is safe=^= Luka’s voice came over the comms.

The Vulcan sat where she indicated and tried to still the inner turmoil he felt. Where that was simply not possible, he tried to build blocks inside himself that would at the very least shield Ghubari from some of the more devastated parts of his psyche. Finally, he leaned forward, raised one trembling hand to her face, and then the other. Temple, cheekbone, and Jaw . The three points of contact. “My mind to your mind.” He said softly, unsteadily. His voice echoed oddly as the connection began. “Your thoughts to my thoughts…” Suddenly he was laid bare in his mind, part of a whole instead of solitary and alone. He gasped, unprepared for the intensity of it.

The flurry of thoughts and experiences mingling was intense and something Ghubari could not have prepared herself for. Instead, she breathed deeply, summoning years of meditational practice to help centre them both. In this, she was successful, at least in part. But she could not filter out the strongest of her experiences, the flashes of things that made her who she was: the Dominion War, losing her leg on Kendor, the pain of having it regrown by the Heleen more recently, meeting her father for the first time, her surprise wedding to Konral. But she brushed by them quickly, seeking something quiet in the middle of their collective thoughts.

I’m sorry… the words echoed and bounced in both their consciousness’. Use me as your amplifier, your spring board. He thought to her. Push out and find whatever it is.


Here we go. Brace yourself, she said simply. His words helped Ghubari focus, and when she did she found a stronger and keener awareness than her own empathic abilities had given her before. She immediately went on the hunt, seeking out the mind that sought them harm.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

In the first moments of her search, Koraia would find Luka’s mind, and would be able to tell that Luka was detecting her hunt and resisting it, until suddenly the empathic strength the alien officer had was turned around to help the captain’s search, boosting her awareness a little bit more.

Luka, XO

Orvos then remembered he hadn’t said anything to the other shuttle or the Athena. He established an open to com to the both of them. =/\=Legen to Athena and shuttle. There is a relay station affixed to the aft busard collectors. It appears to be receiving signal from somewhere. Scanning to detect a ship or shuttle nearby and I have a plan. But if we can’t find a ship nearby, you’ll need to destroy that relay.=/\=

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Merri quietly put her hands on Ghubari and Va’rek’s shoulders. Two things happened in quick succession, she dropped her psionic block and connected with them and T’Pon in the sickbay, then their shared consciousness formed a triangulation as they launched into the ether and found Parce who was controlling the link with Athena through a console on his and Hamilton’s cloaked ship. She grasped Parce’s mind in a vice-like grip and held on leaving the others to try and discern what he was doing with the ship.

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