Main Sim - Transporter Room One: An Early Evening Rendezvous.

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Right throughout the ship power was going down starting at engineering and the bridge and moving throughout the ship shutting down any chance of averting the core breach. However, the console Liam was working on hadn’t gone dark yet. That was when the computer identified the source of the code coming into the ship, it was coming from a point half a mile off the port of the Athena, something was out there and was using a back door program implanted in Athena’s systems to control the ship.

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=/\=Bridge to Madison. What’s your status? We just lost computer access up on the bridge. We need someone to shut down the warp core. I can’t get down there fast enough.=/\= the Captain’s voice was terse and strained.

Kurok grimaced, “Oh yes, lets shut down the warp core, then our transporter inhibiting shields go down and we’re a sitting duck, should have stayed in bed this morning,” as he complained his fingers were flying, ‘If we could find some way to shut down whoever’s doing this!”.

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Liam quietly agreed with Kurok, but the breach was still dangerous. Unlike the replication issues, the break could explode the ship and kill everyone.

He pressed his combadge as he replied to the CO.

=^= Madison to Bridge. I’m in the transporter room. My scans show unauthorized access into the ship’s program. It originates a mile from the Athena’s port side.

We can’t shut down the warp core due to the transporter inhibiting shields and no time to move people to safety. I’m trying to see what we can do from this end, but the source needs to be shut down fast.=^=

Liam suspected that the same code caused the sickbay to go crazy and attempt to kill a patient. Using his console, he attempted to pull up more information over the warp core breach. With more information, they could try to prevent or delay it for the bridge to stop the original source.

“Is there any way we can isolate the code from the ship’s program? Limiting its movements should help us do better damage control and eventually purge it.”

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

=/\=Send me those coordinates, Liam,=/\= she ordered and then could be heard asking on the bridge: “Va’rek, what’s the warp core’s status? Take over and do whatever you can to lock things down down there. We’ll dump the core as a last resort.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Kurok’s fingers we’re flying, “Blow up the person sending the signals comes to mind,” he said tersely, “failing that we have to find the precise way they’re communicating with the ship’s computer, the wavelength, and jam it. I’m trying to isolate the commands but whoever it is, they’re really good and really fast”.

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=/\=Madison, send the coordinates to the shuttle, and do what you can to dump the core from your end since you seem to have more access than we do.=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Liam inhaled then exhaled, his mind focused on his breathing. A mediation of sorts to keep his emotions from melting the console. It didn’t help his frustration continued to stir LB out of its placid state into an irritated one. It caused him to mutter curses under his breath. He continued to narrow down the signal location as much as possible. Once done, he sent them to the shuttle and Captain.

=^= Captain, coordinates sent to both of you. I’m working on the wrap core.=^=

As he finished his message, his focus turned to the wrap core’s system. His voice replied to Kurok while he worked.

“You’re going to have to be better. I’m accessing the systems and getting ready to eject the warp core. An explosion will certainly kill all of us.” Liam stated, not thinking about the questions floating in his head. Or the consequences he would have to live with.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Kurok’s fingers flew even faster, “They know what you’re trying to do, they’re trying to block you…”. Suddenly Kurok’s console exploded in a shower of electrical surges that blew him into the wall behind, he sank to the floor.

However, he’d bought Madison the time needed and the warp core ejected out into space…

a split second later a torpedo registered on the sensors heading straight towards the warp core. If it hit before the core could clear Athena they were going to be destroyed.

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