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Laraan reached Michail and put her face close to his, right in front of his still open eyes, while putting her hands on both sides of his face channelling energy into him as fast as she could. Her large light grey eyes glistened. She only had basic medical training, but even she saw that it was a potentially fatal wound.

“Get a med kit!” she called out to whoever would hear. Then she lowered her voice so he could hear her.

“Michail, stay with me. I can only boost you, not heal you… god I wish I could! Stay with me please, Stark will be so upset with us if you die on me now.” she pleaded with him.

  • Laraan, CNS

Seeing that the creatures had calmed down and were shuffling off, Luka didn’t put down her guard, but she did relax slightly. She cradled the tiny baby in her large arms, carefully supporting Meridyth as she walked over to Laraan and stood over her and Michail protectively. She knew there wasn’t anything she could do to help, but she was there as an emotional support.

Luka, XO

It was then that Michail smiled up at them and chuckled slightly, and that’s when they noticed that the sparks were coming from within his android shell…

His head jerked a little spasmodically from all of the damage, “Sorry for the subterfuge, everyone, but we knew all along who Hamilton’s target really was. It’s important that he thinks Michail is dead so I’m set to explode and take this place out in about five minutes, just enough time for you to getaway in the Cyrano and just enough time for me to blow up all the future tech contained within this LMD or Life Model Decoy before it can change the future. It’s important that everyone makes it look like Michail died right here right now so I suggest you leave me and hotfoot it out of here pronto”.

In the back of his irises, a 5-minute countdown began.

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“HHmmm.” R’han looked down slightly confused. “It won’t take five minutes…” =^=R’han to shuttle, beam up all Federation personal, starting with me.=^=

OOC: Small glitch, Laraan would have felt that, not being able to channel into a non-living organism, but let’s just let that fall under the table ;-)

OOC meaning she would have known a split second before it spoke :-)

Laraan got up, her face full of relief and just nodded, first at the Michail decoy, and then at R’han.

  • Laraan

Luka looked to their mirror versions. “Coming?” She asked, turning towards the Athena Shuttle and hopping in, still holding the child. All Starfleet personel didn’t include the natives of this universe, as far as she could reason. She got to the transporter control and started beaming the Mirror duplicates who weren’t approaching the shuttle as fast as the others, reasoning that would be the most efficient method of doing the transport.

Luka, XO

“Shall I take her?” Laraan asked Luka, as she had no job while on the shuttle and she wanted to hold Meridyth, returning her gently to her father - once his eyes had taken on normal colour again. She knew all too well what change of eye colour meant in Caitians… of that family! Also she wanted to feel Meridyth’s energy level. She admitted to herself that she was curious if she was able to feel the bit of Heleen DNA in her. Ever since she had helped T’Pon and S’Raal conceive and then found out that part of her DNA had somehow made its way into the fetus, she had wondered… whether she had helped a couple fulfill their biggest wish, or whether she had helped create a new species against the most sacred Heleen law…

  • Laraan, CNS

OOC: Just to clarify for everyone, we have the Athena shuttle that you came in on, and the Cyrano which is the ship at Orvos’s command. I’m not sure exactly who is going where.

OOC: R’han is exiting via the Athena shuttle… he is willing to site to site people so the movement is faster since time is a factor.

OOC: oopsie. I’ve changed it so Luka’s on the Athena Shuttle

IC: “We won’t be able to utilize transporters. Or at the very least, you lot won’t. We’ll need to hike back to the shuttle bay.” stated Orvos, as he moved that direction quickly. He had seen Hamilton shoot Michail, and the sparks were a clear indication of his android self. He was surprised by Hamilton’s actions to say the least.

Orvos quickly turned back to Michail. Before speaking to him, he said to the others. “I’m taking the Cyrano. We’ll need to get both that and the Athena shuttle out of here. I’ll be there soon to pilot the Cyrano myself.”

He then knelt down in front of Michail. “Why did he want you dead? And what’s the deal with Lt. Parce?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

The LMD winked, “All will be revealed but for now it’s better for your health that you don’t know”.

R’han looked at the LMD unconvinced… “rarely are secrets kept to the advantage of those unknowing… contrary to what is frequently said.”

Luka looked at the tiny babe in her arms and was reluctant to give her up, but acquiesced to the Heleen, gently passing over the child.

Luka, XO

S’Raal hovered, “Is she ok” he asked intently.

Izzy looked down at the little child and smiled, patting S’Raal on the shoulder before heading over to Orvos to join him on his shuttle to the Cyrano.

Both shuttles lifted off without incident and flew out into the abyss. Both immediately started reading the signs of an imminent warp core breach on the Athena.

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OOC Little fast forward there, let’s blow this popsicle stand.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

Delaney, Sec

OOC: thought I posted a few day ago, guess I didn’t.

IC: Luka stared at the readout. “That’s not good.”

=^=Shuttle to Athena Bridge. What’s going on and how can we help?=^=

Luka, XO


=/\=Koraia here. We’re dealing with some sort of intrusion in the ship’s computer and whomever is behind it is trying to kill us. Currently, the warp core is headed for a breach in about, oh, thirty seconds,=/\= she said, far more calmly than she felt. =/\=Are you all alright? Is Delany and the baby safe?=/\=

Then another call came into the bridge:

=^= Madison to Bridge. I’m in the transporter room. My scans show unauthorized access into the ship’s program. It originates a mile from the Athena’s port side. We can’t shut down the warp core due to the transporter inhibiting shields and no time to move people to safety. I’m trying to see what we can do from this end, but the source needs to be shut down fast.=^=

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Nodding, Koraia moved over to the tactical station. =/\=Send me those coordinates, Liam,=/\= she ordered. =/\=Va’rek, what’s the warp core’s status? Take over and do whatever you can to lock things down down there. We’ll dump the core as a last resort.=/\=

=/\=Luka, you hear that? As soon as I have those coordinates, I’m going to fire on them. If you’re safe to do so, R’han, I could use your skills too. We’re going to shake our shadow loose.=/\= She of course, didn’t know that the team had split up between two vessels as the Captain was clearly preoccupied.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

=/\=We’ve lost consoles. Luka, take down that ship! I’m going to dump the core if I can, so make sure you clear the blast radius. =/\= Koraia said, her tone utterly flat. It wouldn’t be a great surprise that she was loathe to do this under their current circumstances, but so far hadn’t been given an alternative.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Luka turned to the nav and weapons. It was a simple shuttle, so they didn’t have much in the way of weapons. =^=The baby is safe=^= she quickly messaged back, then looked to those in the shuttle with her. “Let us see what we can do about this hacker…”

Her determination didn’t last long, though, as a wave of psychic force hit the Laleri and caused her to physically double over. Her species wasn’t generally receptive to the empathic and telepathic signals from other species, but whatever this was, it was strong. She pushed through the sudden sensation, trying to fight through it, before she stopped. That was a familiar presence. The Captain. Instead of fighting the searching force, she added her small amount of empathic sense to the searching, doing a small part in assisting.

Luka, XO

Orvos then remembered he hadn’t said anything to the other shuttle or the Athena. He established an open to com to the both of them. =/\=Legen to Athena and shuttle. There is a relay station affixed to the aft busard collectors. It appears to be receiving signal from somewhere. Scanning to detect a ship or shuttle nearby and I have a plan. But if we can’t find a ship nearby, you’ll need to destroy that relay.=/\=

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Luka turned to her double, who presumably was sensing the same signals she was. She knew she was. The organ that gave the Galdori their unique empathic abilities with one another still worked on mirror-universe Galdori. She handed over the control of the shuttle to the nearest available Starfleet Officer and went over to Luka. “I know you feel it. Despite our universe of difference, I can still feel your emotions. Will you help me help Ghubari Koraia?”

Luka, XO

Luka nodded, “Of course.”

Ghubari bent her head and leant her aid to the search as well.

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Athena’s warp core ejected out into space…

a split second later a torpedo registered on the sensors heading straight towards the warp core. If it hit before the core could clear Athena they were going to be destroyed.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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