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“Magnetic grappling hook” was the instant reply from Aurora, “They are pulling us in to use us as a shield against the other ships, they know the jig is up”. Aurora’s voice sounded breathless.

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Orvos leaned back in his chair with a sudden thought popping into his head. “Magnetic, eh? What if you activated the electrified hull, Aurora? Would that perhaps send an EMP along the length of the connection, perhaps disrupting the other ship’s systems?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“Love to,” Aurora responded, there was the sound of an energy surge and then on the front view screen an older style Klingon Bird of Prey appeared as its cloak was disrupted. Its weapons ports started to glow.

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“Klingon Bird of Prey has decloaked thanks to Aurora. It looks like they are preparing to fire!” Izzy said as she watched the tactical readout in front of her.

Seemingly out of nowhere a torpedo hit the ship square in its rear exhaust port and the whole thing went up in a conflagration of flame and energy. The psychic link was broken in a short-lived wave of heat and pain as Parce died and was disintegrated.

The Cyrano was hit with the energy wash and spun out of control.

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Before she, Orvos, or Aurora could respond to the new threat, a torpedo hit the Klingon ship and it blew up. “Brace for impact!” She took her own advice and braced for the impact of the energy from the explosion, certain it would hit them quickly after. Orvos would get them righted quickly after, she had no doubt. Her fingers moved over tactical, trying to find the origin of the torpedo that had hit the Klingon ship.

Delaney, Sec

Laraan was belted into her seat, so she pulled up her legs in front of Meridyth and hunched over her, holding her very close and forming a shield with her body around the baby.

Orvos braced himself as his fingers flew over the console accessing ship systems. “Damage report!” he loudly said as he looked to see how to get the engines to correct the trajectory of the Cyrano. He was thankful to have Delaney at tactical, trusting her to find out where that torpedo originated from.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

A hand reached over Orvos and gently removed his hands from the console bringing Cyrano under control. A voice with multifaceted overtones spoke next to his ear, “We’re ok”.

A small bald elfin like woman with filagree patterns all over her body stood next to them both. A hidden compartment now lay open. She wore a clear helmet over her head.

Smiling mischievously her voice sang “I’m Aurora”.

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Orvos recognized the sing-songiness of her voice. As he took in her remarkable figure, he practically froze for the barest of moments. “Aurora? Is that really your name? And how long have you been hiding in that bloody compartment? I’m expect a lot of explanations.” Orvos was at the very least frustrated, but not angry. They were safe after all. He kept Aurora’s attention on him in order to allow Isabel to do as she felt fit.

“Laraan?” he spoke aloud, hoping she had heard him. (OOC: I’m not sure if Laraan is another part of the Cyrano or if she was with Izzy and Orvos on the ‘bridge’ so to speak?)

OOC I’m not sure either, I was thinking bridge. Need to get you guys onboard Athena for the end game :-)

OOC: She never moved since boaring the shuttle and took Meridyth, so she’s here I guess.

OOC: Yay! :D

“I see her!” Laraan sang from behind, easily pushing her voice above the hubbub. “You’re Heleen!” she declared.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Aurora laughed which sounded more like crystals tinkling in the wind of a forest. “My name is Aurora and to answer your question I’ve been in that bloody compartment most of my adult life”. Her eyes sobered a little “My kind are hunted here, Orvos has kept me safe from my enemies all my life but that time is nearly over now”. She nodded towards the station below that had been turned into a molten mess.

Orvos found that to be probably the oddest of things. He would have likely tried keeping her safe as well. Perhaps this Orvos was more like him then he realized?

Athena’s warp core floated past the viewscreen as she was talking. “I think they’re going to want that back,” Aurora said with a chuckle.

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“Can you merge with computer systems?” Laraan asked, curious if that was her channel and how she had steered the ship’s functions so perfectly and saved their lives.

  • Laraan, CNS

Aurora nodded, “I have an affinity with crystals and being as most computer systems use them we get along”. She looked at Laraan with curiosity written all over her face, “You are the first Heleen I have ever met, it was all I could do not to burst out of my compartment when I scanned you”.

Laraan’s light grey eyes grew sad as she looked at the other Heleen. “That is awful. Growing up having to learn how to channel and control your channel on your own? How did you even survive that phase?” she wanted to know more about Aurora, but now was a bad time… still, she couldn’t just ignore the situation of this Heleen and her own calling. “Are you happy in this universe?” she asked.
- Laraan

“No” was the flat reply, “but I have joy in my purpose. Although circumstances are not of my choosing I have my Orvos. He has been a father to me and trained me to take my place in this universe. Much as I would like to come to yours, I’m needed here and with that, I can find contentment… but tell me about yourself, I want to know everything!”

Orvos, while listening to Aurora’s reply, moved over immediately to the controls and set a tractor beam to catch the Athena’s warp core. =/\=Lt. Legen to Athena, the Cyrano has the warp core intact. Ideally it would be nice to put it back aboard, being that you aren’t going anywhere without it. Having an engineering team ready would be good, and I have some crew aboard as well.=/\=

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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Isabel’s eyebrows raised as she watched Aurora interact with the others. She had never seen another Heleen either and she was remarkably calm for having just been thrown about like they had been due to the blasts outside their ship. She shook her head and kept an eye on their stats. “LOoks like we didn’t take too much damage.”

Delaney, Sec

Aurora looked at the bag of broken orb fragments Isabel was carrying. “Is that what I think it is?” she said almost breathlessly.

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Izzy looked at Aurora with suspicion and intense scrutiny. Automatically her hands tightened over the broken shards of the orb she had forgotten she was carrying. Granted, nothing could have been done to protect them more than had been and they still ended up a pile of seemingly useless broken crystal. It made Isabel sad and protective.

“If you think these are broken crystals of an Orb, then yes. If anything else, then no?” Again she looked curiously and suspiciously at the woman.

The Captain’s voice sounded over the comm. =/\=Engineering is ready for you. We need to get back to Risa ASAP, so by all means make haste, Lieutenant.=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Understood,” was his reply before maneuvering the Cyrano to practically push the warp core back into the belly of the Athena.

The conversation was still going on as he worked. Suddenly, it dawned on him. Aurora had an affinity for crystals, allowing her to merge with the computer systems of the Cyrano. They currently had a broken orb on their hands, which was certainly a crystal of some kind. What if…?

Orvos kept his eyes on the readouts as he spoke up. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to fix broke crystals, would you Aurora?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Delaney, Sec

Aurora’s eyes became distant, “I had a dream, a dark man spoke to me. He told me this day would come, but I cannot do it alone…”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

OOC: I’m starting to think Ghubari should have been more forthcoming about her experience with the Prophets and Sisko… lol. ~Linds

OOC: :-) Ian

Izzy watched the woman curiously, wondering. She did not talk about it much, but she was a believer. Modern Catholic by denomination. She could tell when someone spoke divinely. As Aurora’s eyes became distant, Isabel felt the chills and gooseflesh prickle her arms and the back of her neck. “Who is to help you?”

Delaney, Sec

“I was told that the mixed-up Male Son of Mad would come looking for me, I would not have to seek him out. There would be others too, but he and I must be present.”, She smiled, “I feel like it won’t be long now”.

Yep, she’s the one we’ll need! thought Orvos to himself. As to who the other person she mentioned would help her was a bit beyond him at this moment. Best to get the captain in on the loop anyway.

He hailed the Athena, requesting visual.

Upon answer, Orvos’s face would appear on the viewscreen of the Athena. “Captain, we have a guest aboard that may be able to help us in fixing a broken crystal we found at Rura Penthe.” He ushered both Isabel and Aurora to come into view.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

=/\=It’s not a crystal as you know it,=/\= Ghubari said softly. =/\=And we need to get it back to Risa immediately. How is it exactly can it be mended?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Isabel stepped forward to face the Captain through the viewscreen. “It seems this woman, Aurora has a divine calling to do so. She and at least one other, the Male son of Mad needs to be present for it to work.”

Delaney, Sec

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