Medical eval - Va'rek-17 Forward

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Orvos had stood up and moved to keep pace with her, his drink in hand. He placed it down on a table near the game area. He moved to a rack of pool cues, selecting a very specific one. It had rubber-like grip on the end with swirling blue tendrils that ascended the shaft. He moved to grab some chalk and took care of the tip. He then took notice of the others as they arrived and selected their own cues. He was after all, a listener. He observe as much as possible.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

With an economy of movement, Stark followed. He surveyed the wooden cues and made a mental note not to leave scratches in them. He wasn’t often around wooden things on the starship but once when he’d carved his initials into a wooden desk S’Raal had installed he’d discovered that people frowned on such things. Then as he looked at the whole table, also wood, he decided that resisting the impulse had just got a great deal more difficult.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Jessica came up next to Nightstalker to survey the offerings, noting that he seemed to be particularly interested in the devices as well as the table nearby. She bumped her hip against his slightly with a smirk as she reached to select a cue at random and then sashayed over to the table. “Does someone want to explain this?” she queried with an innocent grin as she mimicked the motions of the CE with her own cue.

Dr. Lemann

Stark watched her closely, if he didn’t know any better and perhaps he didn’t, they were about to get hustled.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Jessica merely smiled innocently at Nightstalker as she felt his gaze on her.

Dr. Lemann

The Vulcan had followed the others, oscillating between talkative and shy. He now was listening to the banter as he chose his own Cue. Noting the shape of the cue stick, he laid one on the table and rolled it gently to see if it was in ‘true’, then picked it up and tested the weight of the heavy end. “This should suffice.” He said half to himself, eyebrows raising gently. He looked up to see Jessica bump into Stark, and was somewhat puzzled by the interaction. However, he said nothing and mentally went over anything he’d heard in the past about the game. Quiet or no.. he was having a good time.


Stark raised an eyebrow but then smiled slightly, it seemed there were players and then there were “players” in this game. He was still having difficulty keeping his claws in and made a mental note to give himself some time in the Arboretum. He had a standing deal with T’Pon to trim and tame some of the trees if and when the need to shred came upon him.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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