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Jessica’s normally melodic voice had taken a slightly flat tone as she walked Grey through her steps. She didn’t need to provide this much information to him and, really, she wasn’t quite sure why she was responding in such detail. Perhaps it was loneliness? Insecurity? She shook her blonde head, forcing her focus back on the task at hand as she picked up a hypospray with a mild stimulant and pressed it against Kurok’s neck.

Dr. Lemann

=^=Copy that=^= Was the only response from Ben

Dr. Grey - CMO

Kurok started to slowly come around, his eyes were having trouble focusing and he grasped his forehead and moaned in pain.

“Ceres” winced, “I’m no doctor but I bet he’s got one hell of a headache”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jessica set down the hypospray on the nearby tray and critically monitored the results on the biobed in front of her. She frowned as she studied Kurok’s efforts to focus and leaned in slightly to study his pupils. “No kidding,” she snapped at “Ceres” and then frowned even deeper, seemingly disturbed by the atypical ire in her normally cheerful tone. She forced a practiced, professional smile onto her features, although it didn’t quite reach her eyes, as she collected another hypospray with a pain reliever.

Slowly and evenly, she explained, “I needed to assess his cognitive function following the neural procedure before providing any kind of pain relief that would inhibit the responses. His vision still seems to be slightly effected, but the procedure worked enough that I can help with that headache now.” The medical explanation seemed to steady her as she pressed the hypospray to Kurok’s neck and the stepped back to study her patient.

Dr. Lemann

OOC Kurok is Tony’s character (which I’ve been borrowing), I just noticed on Tony’s page that Kurok is Vulcan, just adding that as an FYI because me, myself and I didn’t realize that until just now :-) Ian

The man’s features smoothed a little in response to the medication but his brain waves still seemed erratic and he had a slightly elevated adrenal response.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Jessica caught her lip between her teeth and gently chewed on it as she contemplated the readings. She glanced down at Kurok’s face as she considered what she knew about Vulcan physiology. Va’rek had forced her to spend quite a bit of time reviewing it to make sure that she could oversee his treatment, but she was certainly no expert. She reached for a hypospray again but then set it down uncertainly before picking it up again and setting it down again. Brushing her hand over her eyes, she finally tapped her comm badge: =/\= Lemann to Grey. What’s your status? =/\= Self-doubt coursed through her as she fought off the effects of the last few hours.

Dr. Lemann

=^=I’m on my way with Commander Madison, should be there in a few minutes. Is there a problem?=^= He asked with concern in his voice

Dr. Grey - CMO

=/\= No… =/\= Jessica’s flat tone trailed off as the communication channel closed. She returned her attention back to her patient and initiated the scans again. While she’d administered a mild analgesic for the pain, it shouldn’t have any sedative effects. Deciding to be a little more hands on than normal, she gently shook Kurok’s shoulder. “Kurok? Can you hear me?”

Dr. Lemann

The Vulcan man did not respond to her voice but his brain waves did show that at some level he was receiving her words. The scan showed that for all intents and purposes Kurok was recovering well from electric shock. It was only his brain waves that seemed out of kilter.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The trip from the transporter room to the sickbay didn’t take long at all. After Liam entered after the doctor, he stepped to the side and ensure to keep out of the way. His own needs could wait until Dr. Lemann’s concern needs were dealt with.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Jessica chewed on her lip as she studied the readout of the Vulcan’s brain waves again. Even though she was expecting his arrival, the swish of the Sickbay doors still startled her and she whirled around to face the CSO and the CMO. She only knew the CSO by reviewing crew profiles upon her transfer; she hadn’t yet had the opportunity to meet him, a detail that would have had more import if she had not been so concerned about her patient. She quickly updated Grey on Kurok’s condition, finally gesturing to the display she had just been studying to emphasize her confusion. She spoke quickly, perhaps a smidge faster than the bubbly blonde normally orated, concern creasing beside her eyes.

Dr. Lemann

Benjamin examined the computer data as Leman explained what was going on. He frowned at the data results The Vulcan brain was one of the most mysterious things any Doctor would come across “The shock has had an adverse effect on his neural responses, I suspect he’ll be out of it for some time. There’s nothing immediate we can do, cognitive problems are to be expected” He put his hand on Lemann’s shoulder and squeezed gently “You did good work Jessica” He gave her a faint smile “For now we make him comfortable and monitor his neural responses carefully, we’ll know more later.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

T’Pon started to slowly come too, her eyes bleary and her voice raspy as she spoke to the doctors present. “My baby?” was all she could say in a rasp.


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